Tuesday, September 1, 2009


The Crazy Crazy Train! Nah, it's not toooooo crazy! It's just that I got behind even more on being behind because I managed to pull my lower back and sitting at the computer the past few days just wasn't working.

I remember tweeting about these adorable baby booties by DaisyLeeDesigns and thinking that if just by chance the expectant grandchild is a girl I just may have to come back and get these. Aren't these just adorable! There's just something about babies and baby booties that are just irresistible, especially when the booties are as cute as these!

And equally adorable from Daisy Lee Designs is this sweet crocheted beanie cap with it's pretty pink and purple ribbon flower, and I love that scalloped edging with the pink and purple - pretty and feminine - sweet for the special little girl in your life.

And maybe not quite so sweet - but awesome just the same is this remake of a photo into the Joker! My Magic Me does pretty awesome alterations with photos - Wouldn't that make just a great unique gift for someone who is a Batman fan! Seriously not going to find that in your big box chain store!

Not a Batman fan? How about Betty Boop? This lady is still popular and seems to just get better all the time - especially at the hands of this talented artist of My Magic Me. mmmmm that's a thought, my daughter is a big fan of Betty Boop. I figure if I'm going to give someone special in my life a special gift for Christmas or their birthday - then why not make it something a little more unique and not something that everyone else in the world is going to have. These would make very unique gifts -

It's funny, I practically live in jeans - well when I'm out and about anyway - but I love dresses and skirts - and I think it is an amazing gift being a woman and having the oportunity to wear different clothes and dress up with jewelry, a little make up and being able to change our style from day to day instead of having to wear pretty much the same ol' thing every day that guys are sort of stuck with -
and this little sassy skirt by Dangles By Diane that is made out of recycled jeans is just too cute and you won't believe the incredibly great price on this and all the other super cute skirts in this studio! I'm not going to tell you - you'll just have to go check it out yourself!

And if you're little one isn't quite up to skirts or needs something to keep those little tootsies warm check out these adorable little soft sole "shoes" - cute cute cute - Wait this studio is Dangles by Diane - right? yes, she does have some pretty cool jewelry too! Eeyore never looked so cute as he does on these sweet little "shoes" and check it out - she even has skirts with this adorable print!

oh wait - see that beanie and the skirt and the little shoes or booties - wow - they would all go together!!! awesome - I didn't really plan it that way - it just sort of happened!

So, I'm still waiting to find out if the expectant grandchild is a girl or a boy - we think baby may be a girl - but another ultrasound is in order to be sure - so I'll just have to wait a while longer..............................................
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