Monday, October 19, 2009


So, I finally got caught up and get a semi schedule going and of course you know something is going to happen to derail all that!
My daughter who is about 25 weeks pregnant apparently came down with the swine flu.  She has also asthma - not bad asthma - but she does have it.  So, she ended up in the hospital.  And I ended up taking a trip to Colorado Springs to take care of my grandson.  She got out of the hospital the day I arrived, but, it's a good thing I went so I could hang out with my adorable grandson and she could rest.  She is doing better, but still tires pretty easily - so ladies if you are pregnant, please get the swine flu vaccine - what you end up on is much worse than the vaccine!  She was planning on getting her and her son vaccinated as soon as she could - but seems like the flu came 1st!   I'm just glad she is still around and baby seems to be doing ok through it all.

So, once again I'm playing catch up!
Where did I leave off?  Well, starting with LilBritKnits who makes some of the cutest handknit baby booties such as these Cowboy Booties
in blue and white yarn.  Aren't they just adorable!   Well, of course I'm into baby  booties right now! lo

And if you aren't into or need baby booties, she has some wonderful dish clothes, tea pot cozies, cup cozies and some other scrumptous knitted items.

Somewhat misleading is CatInALife who makes some truly awesome jewelry - from beaded jewelry to these amazing Egyptian Swirl bracelets.  And proves that if you have a great product, you can sell jewelry on ArtFire!  She is also very active in the forums.  Since Oct is Breast Cancer awareness month, I'm featuring this awesome Pink Egyptian Swirl Bracelet
and this very pretty Lampwork Pink Flowers Black Glass necklace and earrings set.

For the month of Oct,. she will be donating part of her proceeds to a domestic shelter. 

Nice variety today  We all need soap right?  So, why not pamper yourself with some awesome handmade soap by Cora's Blissfully Natural Products LLC

also known as Dragonfly.  I didn't read all of her descriptions, but the ones I did read have goats milk in the soap - what a luxurious way to pamper your skin.  One of my favorite scents is lemon so I chose her Lemon Cove soap
now, that would be a treat!
Or her Goddess By Baby Phat Goats Milk Soap - she has a nice variety of scents and even some body oils.  A very good thing for the cold winter months - milk is very soothing to the skin, and most of the handmade soaps aren't as drying as many on the market today.   Pamper yourself, and buy one or two for a friend too!  They make great items to keep on hand for gifts. I've also used many soaps in my drawers to add a nice scent until I'm ready to use the soap.
Hopefully, I'll get back on track here and do these blogs on a more regular basis again - at least until sometime in January when my granddaughter is expected to arrive.

Remember to get those flu vaccines - especially if you are pregant!!!!!

Friday, October 2, 2009


It feels good to be caught up with the Crazy Train - hopefully I will be able to stay caught up!  It's been a crazy couple of days, I'll spare you all  the details - I'm ok - it has more to do with my daughter and her family, they will be ok, but yesterday was a bit scarey.  After a trip to labor and delivery, and getting checked out all is well - but it was good she went in and got checked.  They even called her up a little while after she got home to see how she was doing and scheduled a follow up appt for Monday am.  cool. Makes me feel a little better knowing they are keeping a good eye on her and the baby.
And now to today's ArtFire CrazyTrain Rider Royal Designs Handmade Unique Jewelry (yes, another jewelry artisan!)  See, I'm telling you, if you are looking for jewelry - don't bother going to the mall or one of the big box stores, go to ArtFire - you don't have to play in traffic, you can go shopping while sipping some tea, coffee, or whatever your favorite beverage is, put your feet up and peruse all the wonderful jewelry to be found there.  For instance this lovely Turquoise and Swarovski Necklace - wow that just pops on the black background, think of how lovely it would look along with that little black dress! 

How about this Blue Lace Lady Necklacemade with blue lace agate and Swarovski crystals.   Pretty pretty necklaces in this studio.
And this Just ForFun Necklace with these gorgeous Czech beads that are called Montana - no they aren't black - I thought they were at first, but look a little closer, and you will see they are a dark greyish blue - a lovely color, with a sterling silver hook.   Royal Designs has some lovely necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and well what do you think of when you see the word royal?  Expect something very elegant - and that is what you will you find in this studio.   
Do something good for yourself today, whether its' just taking a relaxing hot bubble bath, while having some nice hot tea,   relaxing by a fire, or putting your feet up and go shopping while sitting in your pj's and slippers!  
Thanks for checking it out and have a scrumptous day!

Thursday, October 1, 2009


I am happy to announce, I'm now caught up - I'll see if I can stay caught up!
As a category, there is more jewelry on ArtFire than anything else - talk about competition!  A lot of the artisans are women, and women love jewelry right, so it seems like a natural item for so many in the handmade world to make jewelry.  Tough competition though.
It is very interesting seeing how different people use the same materials as other people and yet create something very unique with it.  Rose of Sharon has some very unique jewelry creations.  You can tell she loves playing around with metals, and actually bending it into a piece of art.  Here's a pendant that would be excellent for someone who is a musician or even a music lover
A Treble Cleff made with  sterling silver, and if you don't want silver, she has one in copper, or how about these Hammered Copper Earrings.  I really encourage you to check out the wonderful creations by this artisan, she has some very unique pieces. 

Magnets, magnets are one of the handiest things to have.  How many of us use magnets to hang our kids pictures on the frig.  or little notes, or whatever so why do it with just a plain ol' magnet when you can use something like these wonderful and humorous magnets by Picard Creative.  Almost everyone knows those Ruby Red Shoes and the phrase "there's no place like home" and she makes them with recycled tin can lids and quality pictures.   She has a huge variety, and the sayings she puts on them are just fantastic, they have such humor, and will bring a smile to your face.

I love this one! Yeah Kitty will have revenge, I'd want revenge too if I was a cat dressed up like that!!  Picard Creative has great prices and if you buy 3, you get one free!  Humorous, fun magnets, they will make you, your friends, and family laugh. 

Try and find that in a store! 

Just the picture alone is funny, but then you add the phrase, and it's even better.   Picard Creative uses mostly vintage type pictures and the sayings she has to go along with them are so fitting, you just have to see them.

As always, I encourage to you check out some of these unique handmade creations, they make excellent gifts for birthdays, Christmas, or just because.   
Thanks for visiting, and have a tremendously joyful day.