Sunday, August 31, 2008


I'd like to introduce you to Jake Joy the Pumpkin Patch Pumpkin Man and his pumkin patch.

Jake Joy and the little pumpkins are made by Melanie of MelaniesOriginals at

The two little round pumpkin beads have holes going vertidally the other 4 have holes going horizontally.
I just think theyre' really cute!
Right now she has one set of the 2 round pumpkins in her shop. She did have Jake Joy and the 2 sets of the little pumpkin beads, but someone bought them within minutes after she listed them.
I guess this can go under art and photography - after all she did make these with her own hands! mmmmm does that qualify them as sculptures?
If you don't see any for sale in her shop, just send her message - click on the link on the right side where it says either contact seller or contact melanies originals. She is taking orders for them.
All brought to you by Melanie who lives in Florida, with her husband, and 2 furry friends.
We have had a number of conversations back and forth, and she seems like a really aweome persom. Oh yeah did I mention she is a member of HOST (Helping Others Street Team) of etsy.
which can be found at
Check out both shops - some pretty cool stuff there!
Thanks for visiting my blog and have a great day / night!


Well, I spent a lot of time the other night redoing my blog page - actually going in and editing the html. It seemed to work ok.

However, tonight when I was checking some things out and came back to my page - my whole monitor went black. ooops.
I was trying to not freak out.
I sort of thought "oh sh-- I just crashed my computer" managed to shut everything down, restarted it - and so far so good.

So then I went hunting for a new template - I had been checking out Melanies blog, and I liked the way hers was laid out so I just figured out which one she had, changed the colors and I guess I'll go with this one.

At least for a while!

I did get some pictures done today. 136 of them! Thank goodness for digital cameras! I even got all of them cropped and resized so they are all ready to list. Now if I could just get out of the forums, the blogs, flickr,............................................
The cap is one that I did at the beginning of summer. I have some more I made too - just haven't listed them yet. New shop for the caps or in my 2nd shop????????? or in my 1st shop? decisions, decisions, decisions.

Haven't really created much of anything new in a bit. Still haven't finished up the little gift cards I started the other night.
I keep getting caught in the web!
Melanie, I need some of those adorable little spiders you make to put on my web!!!! They are so cute. check them out people. - there is a link to see them in her announcements.

It's 2:58 am - I'm going to list a few items and then go to sleep.

Have a wonderful day everyone.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

HOSTING HOSTIES - Find Out About The Secret!

Oh Boy - It's way past my bedtime - so this is going to be short.
It took me a bit to figure out the best way to get the pictures loaded and be able to put text inbetween them - easy I know - it just doesn't work so well if you left or right align the pictures.

There's a secret at the end!

Anyway, I picked items from the back of the HOST shop for todays blog. Check them out!

First up we have Fiesta Time, donated by OOHH such pretty colors - I think this one was hiding out just so someone could buy it closer to fall. Aren't those perfect fall colors?
This is available in the HOST shop at Bracelet even comes gift boxed!

And this is Divas Shop magnet donated by (no, it doesn't have flamingolady across the magnet) isn't that the cutest magnet? Now I'm sure most of you know at least one person that this magnet would be just perfect for. You'd be helping someone out, and getting a cool magnet for yourself or as a gift for a friend!
It's available at the shop - now - don't wait too long - it may be gone before you get there!

And last but certainly not least, we have the "Really Red Barrette" donated by I was thinking really red lipstick! It would actually look pretty good with that bracelet up there! And then add the magnet and you have 3 great handmade gifts for yourself or someone else. It's too bad I didn't see that before, and put the pictures together - but I think you can see they would work together!

YES, it is available at the shop.

WOW - you could have all 3 for less than $25.00 - (including shipping) - how cool is that! you could have a neat little set of unique handmade goodies for yourself or your best friend, your sister, aunt, mother..................?
Be sure to visit the HOST shop, some wonderful items there - all donated by etsians helping other etsians out. Emotional support, help with shops, shop makeovers, they get clothes together for people that need some, get grocery cards so people can get some food, school supplies, help track down resources for people, other financial help - these ladies do some awesome things! OOps - I'm not sure - there may be some male HOST members and donators too!
Christmas isn't that far away!
Have a wonderful day everyone - I'm going to sleep now!
I think I must be part owl!
I'll make you a deal - if you go buy all 3 of these items - I'll make a birthday or Christmas card to go along with them - just leave me a comment that you bought them - now I'll be checking with the shop - so - no cheating - The card of course will be free! Just let me know if you want a birthday or Christmas card - or for some other occasion! I do cards! In fact I was just making some new ones last night. You can check out my shop for a few of the ones I've made
Have fun shopping!


I did manage to get out the other day and take some pictures. The peace roses are from the bush I planted in my yard about 4 years ago. It is now over 7ft tall. It's doing it's late summer burst of blooms.
I thought there had to be some kind of bird nesting in this wonderful tree that has branches hanging over my yard. The nest is right over the sidewalk up to my apartment - I kept wondering why there was so much bird poop on the sidewalk!

Can you see the baby bird? It's the white spot below the mama bird - kind of look through the triangle of smaller branches. It was out of the nest stretching it's wings - until I walked up the stairs & then it hid in the branches and was very still. I have large pictures of this on my flickr page.
if you aren't familiar with flickr, click on the thumbnail then you can click on all sizes and look at the "original" size - it get's big!
Make sure you come back!
Every now and then I have to play around with the way my page looks. I've always wanted the area that the actual blog goes in to be wider - There's this whole screen there and a whole lot of it was blank. At one time monitors were smaller - and well yeah some people may be looking at the internet on cell phones. I don't know how anyone can see much on those anyway - so we're going with the theory that most people really do most of their surfing with at least a regular size monitor.
So, having said that - if my page is doing weird things on your monitor - please let me know and I will try to remedy it. If people are having to use the bottom slide bar to view my blog - well that's not good. I doubt that anyone or too many people will have this problem though. I hope not!

I missed being able to blog yesterday. I had to write a letter to an organization that I receive some of my medical case management services through. My case manager wrote me a letter stating that she had been trying to contact me - but hadn't been able to - and set up an appointment for me at such & such date & time - if she didn't hear from me by then, then I would be dropped as a client.
Wow - this person just didn't show up for our last appointment. Didn't call to cancel. And the last time she did call was the day after we were supposed to meet - on July 11th.
The thing is, we are supposed to meet about every 3 months. She has either not shown up or has called and rescheduled pretty much every one of the initial appointments. She usually makes it on the 3rd or 4th try. Kind of irritating after a while. I have to make sure I'm home, and not be on the phone, and arrange my whole day around these meetings - and then to have her just not show up - it's irritating. I understand emergencies happen. But, every time we had an appointment set up?
And then a few other things happened, and she made a comment to me that someone in her position really had no business making to me - which I certainly would have discussed with her at our next appointment which should have been on June 1oth. But she didn't show up.
She called on the 11th while I was out and left a message saying she'd like to explain what happened on the 10th. Ok - well gee - she didn't even call on the 11th until after I had left a note for her at her office.
And then I get a letter from her with a big fat lie about trying to contact me.

So I wrote a letter to her supervisor.

She could have written me a letter saying she was sorry she missed our last appointment and yes she would remove me as a client which I had requested in my note to her on the 11th. and it all would have been cool.

But, when "professional" people just out right lie about calling when they haven't - just makes me very upset. I have an answering machine. I have caller Id. No messages and no phone calls showed up my caller ID since the 11th of July.

So, now that I went on and on about this. I'll do a separate blog about HOST.

Thursday, August 28, 2008


Fairy Blossoms Tea

Joe the Jack O' Lantern

Witches or Wizards Lavender Scented Hat

Quiet Child Tea

Today I would like to feature a couple of the HOST members. (Helping Others Street Team on Etsy)
It's almost September - which means Halloween is right around the corner! and cooler weather.
So, just think, you could get Joe the Jack O' Lantern or the witches hat from Melanie and a nice of tea from LavenderDragonHerbs - ooh the witches hat is lavender scented! How cool is that!
Both of these ladies donate items to the HOST shop and I think it would be great to help support them for their generosity. Melanie also makes the cutest little pumpkin beads - she has them as a special order - click on the link in the announcement portion of her shop. Aren't those cute!
And lavenderDragonHerbs also makes incense - and a witchy brew - for women - wow - cuddle up with Joe and cup of tea with some great smelling incense - this is getting better all the time!
Check them out - you might find something you just gotta have for yourself or the perfect gift for a loved one.

Fairy Blossoms Tea - looks lovely doesn't it?

It's easy to order items on etsy - some sellers accept only pay-pal, some accept money orders - if you don't want to mess with pay-pal and it doesn't list that they accept other forms of payment - you could always ask if they will take a money order. but, you know what, you don't even have to have a pay-pal account to buy something to use pay-pal and you don't have to pay a fee for it! the seller does.
Check out these shops run by women that help others by donating to the HOST shop that helps out fellow etsians that need a little helping hand. Sometimes people just need help in promoting their shop, or figuing out how to take the best pictures, or sometimes people just need someone to listen. They're there to help out in whatever way they can.
Thanks for visiting my blog, now go visit their shops!
Have a wonderful day!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


not something I have really felt a lot of in my life. Not that I have always felt the opposite - just not always hopeful.
Is it possible to give others hope?
I think so.
I don't believe in just bailing people out of situations. I admit there were times as an adult that I had to borrow money to get things like a set of tires, or some food now and then.
But sometimes we all need a little help - in a variety of ways.
I am so impressed as I have gotten to know a little more about some of the people who are members of HOST.
There are young mom's with young children, many with health problems - mom and or the kids - but are trying to add to the family income by making some wonderful items and trying to sell them - mostly on etsy. There are older women, some with health problems trying to add to their meager income by making some wonderful things and trying to sell them on etsy. But, these people have come together to form a team that have set up a shop that they donate items to and this money goes to help other etsians. The recipients don't have to be a member of HOST to get some help. Some recipients have become HOST members after getting through the rough spot and are back on their feet, and donate items and money to HOST. One thing they all are: wonderful people who want to help out others.
These people give me hope.
And so here are a few pictures of some items currently in the HOST shop.
Bath Mitt by
A bath mitt - I love those scrunchy things - but I think a hand crocheted bath mitt would be awesome - and you can wash it! unlike the scrunchy thingys. don't you hate it when you've got the soap in hand but you have to go searching for your washcloth! you could just keep it on your hand! What an idea!

Best Friends Scarf by
I'm not sure why she calls it "Best Friends Scarf" - maybe because it's something you could give your best friend. I love that fringe.
Both of these ladies do some very nice handwork.
Be sure to visit HOST - you will find some really nice handmade items there. It's never too early to shop for Christmas and hey - what could be better than giving your loved ones something unique and handmade. or birthdays, or just because - or for yourself!
I love getting presents that are handmade - even if the person didn't make it themself - I know at least one of my kids isn't the craftiest person in the world - but thats cool because she can do physics instead! And my other one - he's going to design some great houses someday.
Wow - you get a wonderful unique item, and help out at least one person - maybe more, kind of makes you feel all warm inside doesn't it!
your still here?

Friday, August 22, 2008

HOST on etsy

I added a new shop the other day - destash - books, beads, baubles, supplies etc. I've decided I'm going to move in the spring - and so I'm going to start clearing out now.

I do things slowly - it takes me about twice as long to get things done as it does most people.

BUT, the first person that marked me as a favorite is a member of HOST - so of course my curiousity got the better of me and I had to check out what HOST is.

HOST stands for Helping Others Street Team.

Following links I ended up reading part of a forum post that ended up being about 300 pages - didn't read all of it - it was started on Dec 20th. 2007
it started out with one person asking if there was someone in need.
by the end of that thread - another one got started, and another.................

Some people coming forward and expressing their need - some just needed support, some needing help with their shop, some needing prayers with medical issues, some in some really bad financial problems.
I was impressed by how many people responded - with help - some financial - some donating items so children would have a few presents for Christmas (this is the 20th going on the 21st of Dec) - people donating shipping fees to get the presents to their destination.


And out of this came HOST.

I have spent a lot of time on the computer the past few days - reading - looking, more reading - joined HOST - and reading more on the team page of some of the problems some people are having. ANd reading all the support!

What amazes me - so many of the members of HOST - who are making an effort to help other people have some pretty major problems themselves! Everything from medical, financial, problems with spouses, kids, all that come with life.

What generosity.

My maternal grandmother opened my eyes at a fairly young age to the fact that there are many people in this world who need help. Help can often take on many forms - it doesn't always have to be money.
We took this family some clothes and one of her wonderful blackberry pies - and I think some other food.
this family lived in a shack. Seriously - it was little more than a one room plank board shack. In northern North Carolina. I was too young at the time to really understand just what all that meant -

Most of my clothes were hand me downs - we weren't poor - I think it also stemmed from the fact that both my parents lived through the depression - it was about sharing, about recycling, reusing, making do - making what you have to go further.

What a concept.

And from that - I learned to be a pack rat - because either I or someone can use it!

I have furniture in my apartment that most people would throw in the trash - in fact that's where some of it came from! Some furniture I dug out of the dumpster has been donated - I have some waiting to be picked up.

Some of it is a little beat up. But when you have nothing - something is better than nothing.

I have this awesome couch - frame - with a little ingenuity and few bucks it could be made into a totally awesome couch.

I'm going off a bit here.
not too much -

So many people today seem so focused on everything having to be new - and throwing away usuable things - AT LEAST DONATE IT TO SOMEONE - it's the throwing things away that gets me!
There are so many organizations out there that help people out - that help people get back on their feet - from whatever it was that brought them down. And they often need furniture, clothes, household items.

I found a box of children's shoes - at least 20 pairs of shoes! Most were barely worn - we all know how fast kids outgrow shoes!
Clothes - 10 bags - trash bags - large trash bags of perfectly good clothes - in the dumpster.
and more.....................

There is an organization in Albuquerque called Crossroads.
They help out women who are recovering from drug/alcohol addiction, and women reintegrating into society from jail.

They can use all sorts of things - here's their ph # 505-242-1010

HOST - a bunch of people who help out a lot of people - including themselves - many are facing their own financial and health problems - pay them a visit - visit the shops that are members of HOST -

There are so many things that can contribute to someone having financial problems - not just laziness.
Major illness. Loss of job. Accidents. etc
and some of those things can completely alter your life. And sometimes it's hard to get back up.
I know things are tight for a lot of people right now -
but do you really need that Starbucks coffee every morning - make the coffee - add some yummy stuff and you can save so much over a period of time.

I love mocha frappacino - you can come pretty close to it by adding instant hot choc mix!

Getting new furniture? - donate the old stuff - there are other places besides Goodwill -
Clothes that don't fit anymore? Storehouse, Crossroads, Veterans organizations,

Besides all that - sometimes people could use a ride to the grocery store once in a while.
Many disabled people end up losing their cars - and getting back from the grocery store with food can be difficult sometimes. And, no - not everyone has family to help out.
Sometimes, people just need someone to talk to .

What would our world be like if every one was just a little more generous and more conscious of other people in it!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Exploring the World

Well, I just lost a blog - and don't want to write all of it out again.

Briefly - PBS has some wonderful travel shows on during the night - I may never be able to travel to some of these places - but I have learned more about the world through these shows.

And flickr - another way to discover more about the world.

Right now there is a photo of a baby hedgehog that probably has more views and comments than any photo on there. I was going to post a picture of it - with permission - but decided to just provide the link instead - since I don't have any control over the picture on here -

this is too adorable - she has several pictures of this little critter - take a few minutes and check it out.

you'll be glad you did.

and I just found a picture of a bunny - nudging a dogs paw! This person also owns a pet chipmunk

And Chester the chipmunk

Don't miss this one

If these don't bring a smile to your face - maybe even a laugh or two - nothing will!
OMG this little critter is too much.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Art and Flickr

I have fallen in love with flickr
I often get lost on flickr - no not the I cant find way around it kind of lost - but the hours later I realize I have been following one persons comment to another person's photostream, follow someone else's comment to their photostream, and on and on and on -------- between the photography, the art work, I just can't help but enjoy it all. And then there's all the pictures of different places around the world. But these are artists drawings, paintings, some excellent art work.

It is truly a web. And I love all the connections I have made through this web.

So, if you have a little time, here's a few links to some wonderful artists on flickr.

Thank you for visiting my blog and enjoy!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

New Christmas Ornaments & Boxes

I decided to make some little boxes for my ornaments other than the decorated 6 - sided gift boxes.

These boxes are just simple boxes made out of posterboard with wrapping paper adhered to it.

Each box is individually measured - (thinking of making a template) - then cut out and scored. Then I glue the paper to it and fold it and glue the side edge and bottom edge. They're still a bit rough - but am figuring out what I'm doing wrong.

Not all wrapping paper is created equally! Some of it rips after being glued to the posterboard and folded! Very frustrating! If all goes well, I can make about 2 boxes in an hour.

Making a template seems like a good idea - just have to figure out the best way to do it - since the box needs to be scored inside before folding it. Right now, I have 3 different size boxes - but that will change - need to add at least one more size. And, the ones I have may get adjusted. Most of the ornaments that I have listed so far were done or started several years ago.

I'm working on new ones - if I can stay off the computer long enough to finish some of them they will be up soon.

These are 2 of my newer ones. The Fetish Bear ornament has 2 bears on it, and The Red Floral Ornament turned out quite nice and has these candy apple red floral swirls all over that I actually managed to freehand with the paint.
Oh yeah, they will all have gift tags too!
Title of this post links to my etsy shop!