Sunday, August 31, 2008


I'd like to introduce you to Jake Joy the Pumpkin Patch Pumpkin Man and his pumkin patch.

Jake Joy and the little pumpkins are made by Melanie of MelaniesOriginals at

The two little round pumpkin beads have holes going vertidally the other 4 have holes going horizontally.
I just think theyre' really cute!
Right now she has one set of the 2 round pumpkins in her shop. She did have Jake Joy and the 2 sets of the little pumpkin beads, but someone bought them within minutes after she listed them.
I guess this can go under art and photography - after all she did make these with her own hands! mmmmm does that qualify them as sculptures?
If you don't see any for sale in her shop, just send her message - click on the link on the right side where it says either contact seller or contact melanies originals. She is taking orders for them.
All brought to you by Melanie who lives in Florida, with her husband, and 2 furry friends.
We have had a number of conversations back and forth, and she seems like a really aweome persom. Oh yeah did I mention she is a member of HOST (Helping Others Street Team) of etsy.
which can be found at
Check out both shops - some pretty cool stuff there!
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Melanie's Originals said...

Aww thanks for blogging about these little guys and yes they are considered sculptures. I found that I do that best when it comes to clay.

Look out for more beads and ornaments for christmas as well. I did a bunch in 2006 for show but this time I'd like to list them in my shop.


lisianblue said...

Hi Melanie

OOOOOh can't wait to see what you do for Christmas!

Looking forward to getting my pumpkin patch!

Thanks for visiting my blog.

Hugs back -
Hope you aren't getting caught in this nasty nasty weather.