Tuesday, September 2, 2008

How to Get A Grandmother From Arizona to North Carolina

I'm featuring just one person today instead of my usual two.

Aren't' those some pretty earrings? They are made by Krystle at DK Jewels. They're still available in her shop - well they were 20 minutes ago.

Krystle and Mr dk jewels are expecting a new baby boy, by mid Sept.
Krsytle is a stay at home mom who has been married for almost 8 years. She and her husband met in Arizona while he was stationed there in the Marine Corp. They now live in North Carolina. Krystle and Mr dk jewels have 2 children , a 7 yr old girl and a 3 yr old boy. Krystle works at home making some very pretty jewelry that she sells on Etsy.

Now, Krystle even with some of her complications with this pregnancy is still doing her jewelry and keeping up her shop. I just ordered a pair of earrings from her and she had them packaged and ready to go within 20 minutes! That's impressive.

Because of the complications she is having, she will be having a c-section. I've had one of those. It does take a little while to heal and totally get back up on your feet. And shoot she's got two other kids to take care of. Krystle is working really hard at selling her jewelry to be able to get enough money together to bring her mom out to NC.

As a grandmother, I can tell you - it is the most awesome feeling in the world to be there when your grandchild is born. It's almost more incredible than giving birth to your own child!

So, go visit her shop and do some early Christmas shopping, or buy someone a birthday present, or just get yourself a really pretty pair of earrings. She's having a SALE too. Everything is 25% off. Or you can let her keep the 25% to add to her funds to get her mom out to NC.

Mr dkjewels does have a job there in NC - but, you know how expensive airplane tickets are - how many young families really have that kind of money to fly grandma out when they are expecting a new baby!

Help her out if you possibly can. Can you go without your Starbucks for a week or two?
Her earrings and other jewelry is very reasonably priced especially for a great pair of handmade earrings!
Thank you for visiting my blog, now go visit http://dkjewels.etsy.com/
Have a wonderful evening.

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