Thursday, December 2, 2010


I still don't have my computer up and running so yes, I haven't been around lately, but right now things are a little desperate. 
I don't want to go into a lot of details, but the short of it is, my daughter is about to be evicted from her apt - and if she is, her 10 mo old baby and 10 year old son will likely end up in foster care - it's really a stupid long thing - but basically her  soon to be ex who lives in a $2000.00 mo apt all of a sudden decided to not give her any child support - she's pretty much used up her local agencies last month for rent, but we need to get this months and hopefully January covered until the divorce goes through the court makes the A _ _ pay her so if you can afford even a few bucks to go buy something from me or to donate something, it will be greatly appreciated.  CPS got involved in their live in Oct when she went over to his apt to get a few bucks to go buy the baby a  hoodie and they got in an arguement and then the cops wouldn't let her call her friend to pick up the kids, it's really a mess - she's a good mom and these kids don't deserve to go into foster care because this guy is a jerk. 
She doesn't need clothes or toys for the kids, she needs money to pay rent.  She's been looking for a job, but has had a hard time finding something since she really can't work at night or weekends as she doesn't have anyone to take care of the kids at those times, she lives in Colorado, and I live in NM or I'd take care of the kids for her. 
My paypal account is under and my shop is

Thank you so very much and have a blessed day and holiday.