Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hand Made for the Holidays

Lisa, creator of Uniqlets  on HandMadeArtists created a video "Handmade for the Holidays - I've embedded it at the bottom of my blog - it's a very cool video.

So, I thought I would do a short post today on items for the upcoming holidays.

Starting with this awesome Corsage Cuff Bracelet by Uniqlets 

Monika of MyEuropeanTouch has created this lovely One of Kind Artisan made Country Wreath, with a sweet tea set, mini kitchen utensils, red gingham, look closely at this gem to see all the goodies on it!

and well, you gotta have Santa, these Mini Stump Santa's  by JuniqueGoods are so cute.

I put together a highlight collection together last night, titled Stormy - some great handmade creations inspired by stormy weather, snow,  and items to keep you warm  some great gift ideas there too!

My warmest wishes, thoughts and prayers go out to everyone in the east affected by Sandy.

As always, appreciate you coming by and have a great day.
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Be sure to check out the video below!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Weekend Salebration

Yay, it's the weekend!  Why not celebrate with a Weekend Salebration!  so, that's what I'm doing! Enter salebration in the coupon code for 20% off my hats and scarfs in my studio, lisianblue on HandMadeArtists.
I don't have sales very often, in fact, I rarely have a sale - so this is a great time to take advantage of getting a  well made hand crocheted or knitted hat and/or scarf.
I've sold a number of hats and scarves setting up on a fairly busy street in Colorado Springs, everybody that has come by has commented on what a nice job I do with my items.   I'd guess about 8 out 10 people that have stopped, buy a hat or a scarf, and a few have bought both.
 If you are looking for a matching set and I don't have a matching scarf or hat, please leave me a message through the studio and I'm sure I can get one made.  Unless it's a discontinued color or type of yarn, like one of my all time faves, this wonderful light blue yarn used to make this  Light Blue Hand Crocheted Winter Beanie Hat  You can find other awesome hand made winter hats in my Hat Section 

I hear that scarves are the fashion rage this year! I have scarves to match most of my hats and a few others too.  One of my most popular colors is, Fiesta used to make the Colorful Hand Made Winter Scarf it's a luxurious blend of gold, red, blue, green, purple.

Another scarf you will find in  my Scarf Section is this Hand Crocheted Sassy Pink Super Skinny Scarf .  This fun scarf is 1.5" wide and 90" long with 4.5" side fringe.  I have a few other ones similar to this, they also make sexy sashes around the hips, and a fashionable way to keep that cold air conditioning off your neck during the summer .  And, keep it warm in the office during the winter!  Multi-functional fashion accessory!   Belly dancing anyone?  (I've even used mine to keep the sun off my neck!)

I'll gladly discuss any ideas for a custom design,  contact me through my studio.
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I know cooler weather is right around the corner, the ducks are starting to show up. 18 at last count - more to come, I hope!

Friday, October 26, 2012

More Halloween Favorites on HandMadeArtist

Because I love Halloween, and hand made creations  I thought I'd share some more very cool Halloween Creations on HandMadeArtists

Halloween Cat & Pumpkin by MyLovi

Blue Surreal Sunset 8 x 10 print Await the Night by FischerFineArts

Sparkling Spiders Mini Top Hat by MiniHatsByJen 

To me, Halloween is the perfect time for hand made creations.  We always made our own costumes, and pretty much all the decorations.  I made some costumes for my kids, but then as they got older, they had a lot of input, helped out, or came up with their own. I think that is a large part of what has made Halloween a special "holiday" for me.
Glad you stopped by and hope you've enjoyed some of my Halloween Favorites!
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Monday, October 22, 2012

Halloween Favorites on HandMadeArtists

With Halloween right around the corner I thought I'd focus on some very cool hand made creations by artisans on HandMadeArtists

This has to be the most beautiful spider I've ever seen.  Scary Web Maker Halloween Rhinestone Spider Necdklace by CrafterByHeart

and oh this Which Witch Unique Halloween Charm Bracelet is so pretty - almost too pretty for Halloween! By TheRodeoRose

and I love lampwork beads - and this Halloween Gazing Globe Lampwork Focal Bead Pendant Necklace  is no exception! by DancingFrogJewels (love the shop name too!)

and you really gotta see the other non Halloween creations these artisans make!! Really!

As always, I appreciate you stopping by and have a great day!
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Friday, October 12, 2012

Artisans Helping Out

There are many artisans out there that do some really cool things to help out other people.  Right now in the UK, Jolene of Kitzbitz Art Glass is holding a Beadathon. All the beads made and funds raised will be donated to the Beads of Courage Programme. for children and teens with cancer.
This is a brief explanation about the program from the Beads of Courage page: "The Beads of Courage Programme is a new concept being introduced in the UK which is designed to support children going through their treatment. It allows them to tell their story using colourful beads. The beads are used as meaningful symbols of courage that commemorate different milestones such as blood transfusions, bone marrow transplants, hospital stays, chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments. Their beads build up over time into a unique record of what they have been through. Some days are really tough for these kids. However, the beads are used for encouragement and say to everyone “that was tough….but….I did it” "
Because they need lots of  program beads, they are are commercially manufactured, with different beads representing different treatments.
The kids are given Beads of Courage, that are artisan made to "acknowledge the milestones in their treatment journey". They expect to need about 100,000 of these beads this year.  
I celebrate these artisans for their contribution to this awesome program.  

I've been a member of HandMadeArtistsForum for a few years, and have been delighted to see some of the awesome beads Jolene makes.  
I love these Glacial Powder Beads European Charm Bead and silver Bracelet

and these fun Romantic Custom Buzzword Beads in her shop on HandMadeArtists

To see even more of Jolene's wonderful lampwork beads, visit her blog Kitzbitz Art Glass, or her flickr page, Kitzbitz Art Glass by Jolene's Photostream, ( lots of great pics of her awesome beads!), but also remember to check out the Beads of Courage Programme

Thursday, October 11, 2012

More favorite Creations

A  few more of my favorite things on HandmadeArtists 

I have a small collection of blue, and blue & white broken glass, pottery, plates etc that when I finally decide what to do with it, I hope it comes out half as beautiful as this Mosiac End Table by MyEuropeanTouch, or maybe I'll just send the pieces to the wonderfully talented Monika and have her create something with them!  I pretty much love everything she makes!!

I really like the way this  Green Wall Art in Mosaic, has different lines, shapes, sizes, greens by FischerFineArt

Talk about a fun highlight - "It Was the Night Before Christmas........................with what else but a great collection of handmade toys and more!  Check it out, and leave a comment too!
Just one of the items in this cool highlight, these Feedsack Designer Organic Cat Nip Toys are so cute - toys for the kitties too!

Thanks for coming by and have a super day!