Friday, October 26, 2012

More Halloween Favorites on HandMadeArtist

Because I love Halloween, and hand made creations  I thought I'd share some more very cool Halloween Creations on HandMadeArtists

Halloween Cat & Pumpkin by MyLovi

Blue Surreal Sunset 8 x 10 print Await the Night by FischerFineArts

Sparkling Spiders Mini Top Hat by MiniHatsByJen 

To me, Halloween is the perfect time for hand made creations.  We always made our own costumes, and pretty much all the decorations.  I made some costumes for my kids, but then as they got older, they had a lot of input, helped out, or came up with their own. I think that is a large part of what has made Halloween a special "holiday" for me.
Glad you stopped by and hope you've enjoyed some of my Halloween Favorites!
Comments are always appreciated!


Mel Fischer said...

Thank you for sharing my daughter's print! She'll be thrilled! That hat is so cute, too!


lisianblue Kris said...

Thanks so much for coming by - love that print! The spider hat is adorable isn't it!