Thursday, April 30, 2009

CatFluff On ArtFire

Have you ever seen a green kitty?

Me either until I found this cutey! And it's not only green, it's green and pink! Which is even better! Absolutely one of my favorite color combos. And what a fun but very practical kitty this is. This bag is 17" wide x 14" tall - I'm thinking that could hold quite a bit, and the kitty is an outside pocket too! Even more rooom to put all those necessities!

And, I found another seahorse! (YAY for seahorses! :)) only this one is a pillow - oops it's for a pair of seahorse pillows - this is just one of them - That's a totaly awesome price for 2 really cool pillows (16.99) and even tho this lady lives in the Czech Republic - shipping is only $5.00 to the US!
I'm thinking these would be really cute as a wedding present, or for an anniversary gift, or just because someone loves seahorses!!!
She will also do custom orders if you want one of these in a different color! Or something else perhaps.
Catfluff (love that name) - she does have cats, but seems to try very hard to keep the catfluff to a minimum!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Bijoux Designs For You On ArtFire

Bijoux Designs For You is a mother & daughter team who make jewelry and some quilted items such as placemats, wine bottle bags, and these cool micro wave mits. They have others made with a variety of fabrics. I saw these and thought, that's a neat idea and so much easier to use than a whole mit or a square - that I'm always sticking in my soup when I pull it out of the micro wave. And they're only $5.00 a pair - Thats a great price! And even though they live in Canada, shipping isn't bad either - just $2.11 to the US, and if you order more than one item, they charge the 2.11 (it was 2.11 for the items I looked at - some may be more) for the 1st item and just add .57 for each item after that - ok - now that was for 5 items that I checked, so don't go saying well so and so said you only charge .57 an item after the 1st. one. I just don't want there to be any misunderstandings!

And who doesn't like dragonflies! These little cuties are only $7.00! At those prices you could buy several pairs of earrings for mom, or one for you and one for mom!

Celebrate spring with a pair of dragonflies.
The really cool thing about buying handmade items, is you generally get something that is well made, and a million other people aren't wearing the same thing! Be unique!!!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Wooleycreek Tribal and Ethnic Jewelry

I admit, it's a little late in the day to be starting a blog, but, I had to get photos done while I still had daylight to do them, then there was dinner to make and eat, and then I got lost in the forums for a bit...........................................
While looking through Wooleycreeks items, these really caught my eye! Sort of reminded me of the little leather boots my ex made for my daughter when she was about 1 1/2! I think she still has them.
And that is one of the really cool things about leather - it lasts forever!! These would make the cutest baby gift - and little moccasins look so cute on babies. These would be so cool to receive as a baby shower gift, or after baby is born - No babies around or expected??? Well, there is some pretty cool jewelry in this shop too! title of this post links to the shop. check it out!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


After missing a few days on the Crazy ArtFire Train, I was delighted to go exploring in Silver River Jewelry on ArtFire today. Not only does this artisan make some really cool jewelry, the photos are interesting. (hint hint to me). I had to pick this pink and green rectangular piece, as that color combination is one of my favorites! I even made a quilt top in those colors many years ago.
Oh yeah, sorry, back to Silver River Jewelry in Akron, Ohio. This artisan says that the process of creating jewelry is like a treasure hunt! From finding the perfect combination of stones or beads, manipulating the metal, to digging up an ordinary stone and opening it up to find something beautiful inside.
I may not dig up stones to use in my art - (but I do collect them )- but I can certainly understand the process being like a treasure hunt!

I'm kind of sappy - so one of my other choices has to be this heart! It's a unique reminder to let our love come through to our family, our friends, and even to that stranger on the street that just may need a smile from someone. Just think, everyone who sees this is going to say "love" at least to themself, and maybe it will remind them of all the people who love them just when they need to remember, or to bring an even bigger smile to a newly married bride, and of course to remind the person wearing it, that they are loved.
This saying: "Whimsical Elegance from My Heart and Hands to Yours" is on her avitar! I think that sums up this collection of jewelry quite well.
Silver River Jewelry also does custom orders!!!!! Title links to the shop - check it out - there is some pretty cool handmade jewelry there!
And who will you say "I Love You" to, today?

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Through the Keyhole of Imagination

I was going to put my creations for this weeks theme on Thursday Sweet Treat on here, but decided to put my grandson's creations on here instead. My daughter along with her Army husband, and son live in Ft. Bragg, NC - a long way from New Mexico! I haven't seen them in over a year (except for a very brief time last month due to a loss in the family.) I was so intent on getting my creations entered this week, that I had to go out and take pictures an hour after they came over yesterday! After I took my pictures, my grandson asked me if he could take some pictures. I was a bit hesitant at first, oh yeah I'm going to let my 9-yr-old grandson go carting around my DSLR! I decided that as long as he left it on the tripod and I was with him, that he could take some pictures. I set it on auto, and showed him how to do a half click to focus on what he wanted, and how to turn the lens to zoom in on things. It didn't take much and we were off! He took around 50 pictures between 2 different photo sessions. After we put them on the computer, we played around with cropping, and these are the results of his photography excursions.
It was definitely a through the keyhole of imagination kind of experience for both of us.
I got so into playing around with the photos and him, that I completely spaced out sending in my photos to the Thursday Sweet Treat Blog!
The original

His 1st crop - yes he did do the cropping on these!

We took a few minutes to set this one up so the frog wouldn't have leaves in front of him, but he still wanted that "forest" atmosphere to it!

The first cropping

A different cropping.


When I saw the idea for the crazy train promotion in the ArtFire Forum, I thought: what a cool idea - help promote other shops, and other shops help promote you when it's your turn!
An added benefit for me, is seeing all the cool things that people make that I may not have seen otherwise.
3ZArt of Amarillo, Texas makes some really cool light switch covers, mouse pads, coasters, outlet plates, and lampshades.
They all look like they are nicely made, and she will even do custom orders! So, if you have a certain decor and fabric in mind definitely contact 3Z Art and see what the two of you come with! Creativity often goes to new heights when people get together and discuss ideas.
Title of the blog of course goes to her shop!

I think the colors in this one are so wonderful, and love the butterfies.

I tend to think of bathroom decor when I see seahorses! Maybe it's because my mom painted some ceramic seahorses to put in our bathroom when I was young. But, I don't think a mouse pad would have much use in the bathroom - but wouldn't it be fun to have a mouse pad like this. MMMMM maybe I'll ask her to do a switchplate cover in this pattern for me as I have an ocean theme going on in my bathroom!

I'm a big fan of art deco style - and this lamp shade really caught my eye! Now, how cool is that a very unique lampshade, and I'm sure she would be delighted to do a custom one if this or the others ones don't quite fit your decor!

I highly recommend checking this studio out.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Accessories by GottJoy On ArtFire

I guess this one is going to be a late night blog. Wow- this shop has jewelry, wine stoppers, men's jewelry, letter openers, pens, ceiling fan pulls, and a few other categories!

It was sort of strange when I was looking at items in this shop, I was really drawn to this bracelet - it's weird because I'm usually not drawn to gold or pink! And this bracelet has both!!!! I like the lines of it, and the pretty shiney crystals too! This would make a great bracelet for prom, mother's day - or just because! Know anyone who has a birthday coming up?

And then there's this awesome beadwoven spiral sticthed turquoise necklace. I always really appreciate some nicely done beadwork. And, it's a very pretty color combination.
as always - the blog title is linked to the shop! Some pretty cool stuff there, check it out, and have a great night/day!

Monday, April 13, 2009


It's been somewhat of a rough month - for the past 4 - 5 weeks. My kids dad passed away on March 9th. Yes, that does mean he was my ex. We had been divorced for many many more years than we were married. The 1st year after we were divorced was a bit hard - a lot of anger at each other. But, we seemed to get over it for the most part and to focus on what our kids needed. I think we eventually even became friends to some degree. I'm not going to go into things - there were some good things, and some not so good.
It's a strange place to be. To be an ex - and have your children's father pass away. We obviously didn't have the relationship that we would have had were we married, but, there is still that connection, and I am deeply affected by the loss of this man. Besides, feeling for my children, I am sad, and I miss him.

This past Saturday, I went with a friend to our local "beach" it's a small pond that has been developed from the Rio Grande, for a fly fishing class! She wanted to go - I was tagging along to take photos and just to get out for a while. Well, it was 40 degrees out, and raining. We cruised by there - a few people were out fishing, but we decided to go do some other things. We ended up driving almost to the east end of the city looking for a store she wanted to go to. We finally had to call another friend to find out where this store is - about 4 more miles Nth of where we were. Finally found the store, and as we walked in, along the wall are all these wonderful flowers. Cut flowers, flowers in pots, you get the idea. Among these flowers were some orchids in 3" pots. for $8.00. Cheap for an orchid!
I scoped out the orchids, and hesitantly put one in the basket -
Now, $8.oo isn't really going to totally mess up my budget, but $8.00 for a plant is a lot of money for me to spend on a plant!!!! I almost put it back before we left the store - but, I'm happy to say, it is now sitting on my window sill!
As my friend said "sometimes you just have buy yourself a hyacinth" something one of her friends told her a long time ago.
I live on a very limited income, so it isn't often that I allow myself to buy something that is just pleasant to have. It's not a tool, not supplies, it's pretty and very pleasing! And now, to keep it alive!!!
So, I highly recomend allowing yourself to "buy a hyacinth" once in a while!

Sunday, April 12, 2009


It's Sunday evening, and for those of who celebrate Easter, I hope you had a wonderful day. Hope you had a wonderful day even if you don't!:)
I was going to go to a friends today for a get together - bbq, but for some silly reason, it's cold and rainy here today - so it sort of got canceled! Of course, it's supposed to be 70degrees and sunny tomorrow! But, what does this have to do with Allisun's on ArtFire?

Well, because I'm not at my friends, I'm writing about Allisun's! Besides glass, I also have a thing for stones - (just ask my kids about my rock collection!) always have. Allisun's has some pretty cool jewelry, all handmade by her, and she has some very reasonable prices. And, to make it even more enticing, for orders under 13oz, she doesn't charge for domestic US shipping! Mother's day is coming up, as is prom, and then there are those summer birthdays! She's having a sale on all items until Mother's day!!!! Pretty good deal there!!!!

And as usual, the title links to her shop on ArtFire! Check it out!

Friday, April 10, 2009


I decided to do another drawing for one of my pendants. I de-activated one that I had listed, but it seemed to fit the theme for the drawing better than anything else.
I think this pendant celebrates spring with it's little daisy painted on yellow stained glass. It has 3 yellow crystals dangling below just for added fun. It's rescued stain glass that was headed for the dump - I smoothed the edges a bit, but I don't have a proper grinder, so the edges are just a tad bumpy in a couple of spots, it's wrapped like stained glass with copper foil and soldered with lead free solder. It's then sanded relatively smooth, and polished to a nice shine. From the top of the loop on the pendant to the bottom crystal, it measures 3.25" and just shy of 1/2" wide. You can just spritz it with a little vinegar water to clean it, or wash it in soapy water, rinse and dry with a lint free cloth.
Comes with a 16" (or any length you want 14" - 18") black silk cord and will be tucked into a drawstring organza pouch. Personally, I really like these on the shorter 14" cords. But, hey we all have different preferences, so whatever length you'd like is cool!

So, to sign up for this drawing - go to my shop on ArtFire and have a look around, then come back here and leave a comment about one item in my shop - good, bad, pricing, fav, colored background or off white - sort of feedback kind of thing!
Drawing will be Midnight (my time) Sunday (April 12th)night!
Thanks for your interest and good luck on the drawing!


Did I mention that a bunch of us on ArtFire are doing this CrazyTrain promotion! If not, let me explain:
we signed up to have our shop promoted, and promote shops. So each shop gets promoted for 2 days! and everyone who is signed up promotes the shop whose day it is. So, each shop has about -I don't know- 80 or more people promoting it for 2 days!
And, I really have to promote this lady, because she is the one who started it all and is doing a lot to keeping it organized along with another person.

I think it's pretty awesome. Paula makes some really cool magnets - I'm thinking about getting one or two myself. Maybe these. I know someone who just fits the little girl one! And she'd probably really like the strong arm lady one!

So go check them out - buy one or two to tuck into that next birthday card, or mother's day card, you get the picture - or skip the card and just send a magnet! Or better yet, find a really cool handmade card to put it in!

Have a great day everyone!
and of course the title links to her shop!

Thursday, April 9, 2009


Besides being a mom to a teenage boy, 2 cats, running a brick and mortar store, Paula of Picard Creative also makes these cool magnets using recycled lids, and she has also been the "instigator" and head conductor of the CrazyTrain on Artfire!

Almost everyone uses magnets for something, mom's putting up artwork on frigs, posting notes of things to do, and what a cool way to send a greeting to someone that probably won't end up in the trash like so many cards do. And they are FUNctional too!

There are many magnets in her shop that I like, so choosing just one or two for the promotion was a bit hard, but since I love "The Wizard of Oz" I chose this one to start!

She has also been quite busy getting this Crazy Train promotion going and keeping us all in line! Go check out her shop, buy a cool handmade magnet for yourself or someone you love. Isn't it so much more fun getting something someone made with their own two hands, that is well made, and not mass produced! I think so.
Title links to her shop!
what are you still doing here????
Check it out!
and have a wonderful day too!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Jewelry Shop on ArtFire

"The Jewelry Shop" on ArtFire sells some awesome handmade jewelry and some very cool vintage pieces.
The handmade pieces are made by 3 family members and include beaded, wirewrapped and silver fabrication. So you have some nice options to choose from, and they are all very reasonably priced I think.
These are a couple of my favoites.

Lightening Strike Sodalite Sterling WireWrap Pendant

Flight of The Heart Wire Wrap Necklace

Title of this post links to the shop.
Go check out this shop with some awesome jewelry.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Morning Glory Necklace

Isn't that lovely? I just happen to love morning glories so when I saw this, I thought ooooooo that will have to be my pick for today to promote!

I don't think I would have thought of making jewelry out of felted items, what a unique idea! That really is one of the fun things about life, is being able to do something different, to wear something that is unique, and especially something that somebody created with their own two hands, and not mass produced. I also love the color of the that sweet soft morning glory. Soft Jewelry! What a cool idea! Especially for people who have a hard time wearing metals.

Go check it out! Title of this post links to CatterpillarPeacock's morning glory!
isn't that a neat name!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Crazy Train on ArtFire Promoting Caterpillar Peacock

Some wonderfull creative ladies came up with a super idea of a bunch of us getting together and promoting each other.

So, for today we are promoting
(title of my post links to her shop)

I of course had to choose this calla lily brooch that is needlefelted and then the teeny tiny beret!

Lindsey, the owner/creator of Caterpillar Peacock lives in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
She says she is inspired by so many things: color, nature, my mom, funny things on the internet, old school games, comic books, anything from the 50's through the 70's, Alphonse Mucha,....The list goes on and on.

Support handmade artists, you get something unique, artistic, well made, that isn't mass produced. or
you can go to some local big block store and buy something everybody else has!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Spring Delights

Every now and then, I come up with one that just sort of out does all the others. I think I do some pretty cool ornaments, but this violet one - is really awesome. The pictures really don't quite capture the beauty of this, and of course it only shows a part of all the violets.

Years ago, a friend of mine starting hanging ornaments around her house. Not all of them, just certain favorite ones. She has some in the windows, a few hanging from ornament stands on a couple of tables, and some in plants. I thought what a neat idea. I don't have as large of a house, in fact I have a one bedroom apt. I now hang a few favorite ones in my livingroom window, and I have few hanging from the ceiling near the heater vent. And as soon as I have some plants outside, I'm going to put some of my small ones out. If they get dirty, that's ok, they are washable.

They really do add a nice decorative touch.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Hey I don't seem to be able to sell it - so maybe I can give it away! Well one pendant anyway!
Never mind that I don't have it listed!

Drawing midnight tonight - my time - so no delaying on entering the contest!

Here's what it's for

1 very unique iridescent green glass disc with handpainted daisy, and then wrapped in copper foil and soldered with leadfree solder. Then it's all hung on a 16" black silk cord with a sweet little heart shaped clasp.

This is one of the first pendants I soldered - I think if you are reasonably nice to it - it'll probably hold up for quite a while - the paint will for sure! and hey when you aren't wearing it, it makes an awesome mini- suncatcher!

So, leave me a comment - this post only for contest - feel free to leave comments on other posts if you wish - but only the names on this one go into drawing!
However, I would like to ask that the winner come back here and leave a comment about the pendant when they receive it! good or bad.

Come visit me on artfire:
Good luck and Happy April Fools day - and may you not be fooled tooo badly!