Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Hey I don't seem to be able to sell it - so maybe I can give it away! Well one pendant anyway!
Never mind that I don't have it listed!

Drawing midnight tonight - my time - so no delaying on entering the contest!

Here's what it's for

1 very unique iridescent green glass disc with handpainted daisy, and then wrapped in copper foil and soldered with leadfree solder. Then it's all hung on a 16" black silk cord with a sweet little heart shaped clasp.

This is one of the first pendants I soldered - I think if you are reasonably nice to it - it'll probably hold up for quite a while - the paint will for sure! and hey when you aren't wearing it, it makes an awesome mini- suncatcher!

So, leave me a comment - this post only for contest - feel free to leave comments on other posts if you wish - but only the names on this one go into drawing!
However, I would like to ask that the winner come back here and leave a comment about the pendant when they receive it! good or bad.

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Good luck and Happy April Fools day - and may you not be fooled tooo badly!


mkcphotography said...

I think this is a lovely pendant and I'd be honored to win, wear, and come back and comment about it! I came here through Natasha's Thursday Sweet Treet blog :-D
mkc photography

lisianblue said...

Well, I sort of wondered how this work having a drawing on the same day I posted about it - but I did so in 3 different places - and Michelle - hands down, you are the winner!
Congrats Michelle

Phoenyx Ravenswing said...


*grumble* Wish I'd seen this in time to enter - that's a beautiful pendant! :-)

Bright Blessings & Good Fortune! :-)
-Bird, from TST