Thursday, March 22, 2012

ArtFireCrazyTrain Rider Just Fabulous Darlin

It's a bright and sunny day, and it's supposed to be in the low 70's today - Yay!  Spring is finally here!

And Just Fabulous Darlin has some perfect jewelry for spring

well, for anytime really! lo

Doesn't this Blue & White Porcelain Beaded Bracelet remind you of the deep blue sea?  I can also see this paired with an all white outfit (I'm such the fashionista! lo)

When I saw this lovely Real-Pearls-Glass Pearls Gemstone Bracelet, I thought oh that would be so cool if it's an anklet - it's a bracelet - mmmm maybe an extension???  I'm all about dresses & skirts in the spring and summer and love anklets too!

I love flowers, and dragonflies are such amazing little creatures, and look, this cool bead on this very pretty Blue Lampwork Bead and Czech Fire Polished Bead Bracelet has both!

mmmm I have several outfits that all three of these very cool bracelets by Just Fabulous Darlin would go with.  Oh yeah, there are necklaces, earrings, men's jewelry, and more!

And the littlesister/littlebrother tag-a-longs:

BlueMorningExpressions with some fabulous creations in polymer clay.  You can get some really cool beads like these Polymer Clay Floral Round Beads to create your own jewelry or choose from some fabulous jewelry this creative artisan has already made.  Oh yeah, there are polymer clay canes too!

It's a jewelry kind of day!
I love the jewelry creations in PaleMoonCreations  This Twisted Princess AlteredArt Charm Bracelet reminds me of one of my favorite movies Nightmare Before Christmas. 

I love the jewelry in all these shops!!!

Yes, it is definitely a jewelry kind of day today!   I didn't get very far in DianesDangles before this Blue Glass Leaves White LampworkBeaded Silver chain Bracelet caught my eye.
Yes, of course it's blue!

Oh the wonders of artisans who create handmade jewelry - 4 different people who create very different jewelry from each other.   I'd be willing to bet you could give all 4 of them the same beads, same findings, and they would come up with different creations! 
You get the benefit of owning something that 10,000 other people don't!  Most often these artisans make well made items and stand by their product.  Go shopping from the comfort of your home, and then go show off your fabulous finds doing something fun with some friends.  Don't be stingy now, tell them where you found it!  There's more than enough to go around.
Thanks for stopping by and have a beautiful spring day!

Me? I've got to do some cleaning & rearranging , my daughter & grand kids will be here Sat!  And I need to finish quilting the quilt I'm making for my youngest granddaughter.

Would love to hear what you think about some of these lovely finds!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Handmade Artists Shop Artisans

Thought I'd do something a little different this time around.  We have some awesome talent over at Handmade Artists Shop, and some wonderfully supportive and active members at the Handmade Artists Forum, so, I'd like to introduce a few of these members to you.

The wonderful organizer of our blog ring TamsJewelry, I really like this Quartz and Blue Chips Bracelet, Tammy makes some pretty jewlery, earrings, necklaces, rings, and even lanyards. 

NancysWildWireArtStudio, another jewelry maker with earrings, rings, necklaces..........and has a cool section titled folk Art/Make do Art Jewelry which includes this cool piece titled Warriors Path Necklace

Sandi, creator  of I Knit Quilt Sew makes some awesome quilts & blankets, dolls, teddy bears, hats, booties, and more..................made this awesome Hand Quilted OOAK Wall Hanging

Our Home To Yours with some cool jewelry and crocheted creations such as this lovely Crocheted Ring Bearer Pillow

and of course our fearless leaders Andrew and Kimberly creators of  Chainmaille by MBOI & Makin' The Best Of It

I love this beautiful Sterling Silver Turkish Roundmaille Necklace 

Both Andrew and Kimberly make chainmaille, however, Kimberly also creates some other really cool things like

this Candide Altered Book Art

and some wonderful wirewrap seaglass jewelry and she paints on glass too!

If you're looking for a special gift for Mother's Day, Father's Day, someones birthday, graduation, wedding,..............pretty much any special occasion, or you want something unique and wonderful for yourself be sure to check out some of these fantastic artisans on Handmade Artists Shop

Thanks so much for dropping by and be sure to leave a comment!
and have a great day too!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

ArtFire CrazyTrain Rider Andrus Gardens

Officially, it's almost spring! Yay! This past week has been pretty nice, but today - yeah well, 1mile visibility, cloudy, and well if I went outside I'd have to hold onto something to not be blown over, that's why there is only 1 mile visibility - all the dirt blowing around.  So, I'll stay inside, have my tea and linger over delightful Andrus Gardens, a studio of "garden inspired quilted and fabric items..."

Intriguing, aesthetically pleasing,  inspiring correspondence, a mini artwork all wrapped up in one this Fiber Art Quilt Postcard Cropped Delphinium Door

Wearable art & versatile with this awesome Quilted and Beaded Pin, Pendant Pale Blue & Pink Diamond Shape

Love this Sweet Potato Leaves Fabric Cover for Composition Book or Journal,

If you love to write, love gardens, plants, mini art works I encourage you to visit AndrusGardens

And not forgetting our littlesister/littlebrother tag alongs we have:

BeadSouk, bead supplies in smaller paks - love these Fluorite Gemstone Beads
(yeah I have to be careful getting into bead supply shops lo - oh I love beads!!!!)

JillsTreasureChest featuring handmade jewelry and ceramic creations such as this Handmade Ceramic Santa with Toys

and PattyAnn with an eclectic collection of vintage items, and craft supplies.  I can think of lots of things to use this Vintage Lace and Cuffs set for (the problem would be choosing just one or two things! lo)

It's an eclectic kind of day!  Check out some or all of these awesome online shops with a variety of hand crafted creative items.

Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful day!

I do moderate my comments, but feel free to leave one! Love hearing what you think!
And I'm going to do a little cleaning and some sewing that I've been trying to get to for days!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

ArtFire Crazytrain Rider MBA Engraving

Happy St Patricks Day!
1st a short apology for being remiss in posting - it's been a crazy week.  It has been, but to be honest, I've been dealing with some major depression, and getting anything done has been a monumental task.  Yeah, so it seems like it's lifting a bit, but, I'm not holding my breath!  My daughter & grandkids are going to be here next week (YAY!!!) so I have A LOT to do this week and next week will just be wonderfully crazy!

And on to the  crazytrain rider:  MBA Engraving.  I was expecting to see a bunch of metal items, but no - it's glass! Just my other favorite thing in the world - glass that is! I admnit since I've done a bit  of "etching"  myself, I had to check out the bio. There are a few ways to do this process.   MBA -  Mike & Brian Andews, live in Maine & sandblast the glass in the basement. There are a few ways to do this process.

Here are some of their wonderful creations on glass

This Bass Fish 20 oz Mug a Fishermans Dream Glass would be a great gift for your favorite fisherman, oh yeah father's day isn't that far away, or birthday, graduation, or to say, I love you.!
It also illustrates just how tricky it is to get a good picture of engraved clear glass.   Although, I think the paper has done a good job of setting off the fish.  I've stuffed lots of colored tissue paper in glass to try to get a decent pic.  Good job guys!

And Mother's Day is even closer than Father's day!  Mike & Brian think of the ladies too, with this Mothers Day Vase Personalized, you  add the flowers, candy, or any treat you know mom will love!

LOL I love this Happy Bear Hot Chocolate Mug - guys why didn't you put hot chocolate in it??? (Thinking about next Christmas for one of my grandkids)

If you don't find anything in their shop on  ArtFire, be sure to check out their website,, if you click on Artwork in the right hand corner, you will find lots of art they can put on that special piece of glass just for you!  You can even pick out the font you want for personalization!  How's that for shopping in your pj's with great options for getting the perfect gift for a special person  in your life?
Or maybe someting just for you, after all you're special too!

And, of course I can't forget the littlesister/littlebrother tag alongs:
Fabrics I Love wtih a great assortment of quality fabrics such as this Amy Butler Lark Charisma Blush.  Ah, yes Spring is in the air!!! (YAY!)

Sams Stuff with an eclectic assortment of items from photography, vintage jewelry, bookmarkers, embroidered pillow cases.....................................I love photos of old windows and doorways such as this Photo Print Architectural Detail Savannah Georgia  

Makes you wonder just who haswalked through that door doesn't it!?

and Micah5Five who creates a large assortment of jewlery, for men women, infants, headbands......, figured I'd feature one more for the guys with this Mens Aragonite Indian Stone Necklace, not all jewelry makers make items for the guys.

Check out these awesome shops, and as always thanks for stopping by and wishing you the very best day.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

ArtFire CrazyTrain Riders

I admit I was a little surprised & very excited to find that I'm the crazytrain rider - for yesterday and today - seems as though I'm always a day behind!

However, I would like to feature AndreaDesigns who does so much to keep the ArtFire CrazyTrain going. Here you will find some beautiful hand knit scarves, shawls, shoulder warmers.........................I love the way she combines yarns in many of her creations such as this lovely Lila Skinny Scarf made with 4 different yarns. Pretty, huh?

This Knit Golden Fields Shawl looks so luscious - imagine wrapping that so soft mix of yarns around your shoulders in the cool spring evenings........................or fall or winter...................

Andrea does have some summer shawls, but this Violet Neck Shoulder Warmer, keeps calling my name, and those sweet pins come with it! 

Thank You Andrea for all you do. 
Be sure to check out AndreaDesigns for some awesome hand knit creations.

Now, for those wonderful littlesister/littlebrother tagalongs I'd like to introduce to you

Acadienne who knits, crochets and does some awesome embroidery work.  You will find, shawls, scarves, socks, leg warmers, items for the bath & kitchen, and more such as this lovely Celtic Design Blackwork Hand Embroidered Brooch Green Shades

ChristieCottage with a wide assortment of items, jewelry, purses, totes & pouches and so much more - like this adorable Blooming Pocket Pincushion now that's a cool idea to use those old bluejean pockets.

If you're looking for jewelry supplies, check out Many Horses Jewelry Supplies & Artwork - she apparently aslo makes these cute hairstick clip-ons such as this Butterfly Love Hair Stick Clip-On I think it would be fun to get 2 or 3 of these to put on a hair stick - dangly dangly

As always, thank you so much for stopping by and have a wonderful day.

Monday, March 12, 2012

HAF Featured Artist Chainmaille by MBOI

I am pleased to present to you, this weeks HAF featured artist  Chainmaille by MBOI aka Andrew, the other half of the founders of Handmade Artists ForumHandmadeArtistsShop and the Blog for both.  It seems to me that doing that would be a full time job, however, Andrew also holds down a full time job, is a husband & father, and somehow manages to find a little time to do some incredible chainmaille.  Oh yeah, did I also mention he finds time to promote, promote, promote..........................when does this guy sleep???

Just for fun, I tried doing some "simple" (is there such a thing?) chainmaille, I had little rings flying all over the place.  This isn't exactly the easiest thing in the world to do!  Besides keeping everything straight, just handling all those rings and making sure they are closed nice and tight, WOW!!! I'll let the pro's like Andrew do it!
Enough said, enjoy some of  Andrew's work, 
This Dainty Sterling Silver Roundmaille Bracelet is a custom order, sorry you can't purchase this one, but you can ask to have one created just for you!

Earrings - How many of you women (and some men) always wear earrings even if you don't wear any other jewelry?? Me too! Love these Sterling Silver Shazero Earrings

Oh, yeah did I mention that Andrew also makes his own rings, seriously! And then makes beautiful creations such as this SterlingSilverHalfPersian4in1Bracelet

See something you like, but want a bracelet or a necklace instead?  Just ask, Andrew is more than happy to do custom orders! One of the things that is so great about many of the artisans who offer their handmade creations.

I highly recommend checking out Chainmaille by MBOI
As always, thanks so much for stopping by and have a beautiful day!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

ArtFire CrazyTrain Rider Hippies Creations

I don't always go into people bio's, but  the creator of Hippies Creations is orignally from Germany, now living in Virginia. This mom of 3 boys enjoys crocheting, woodburning and making jewelry.

You will find a variety of hand crocheted items for the baby, adult tops, toys, hair accessories,totes,  for the bathroom & kitchen, and the cutest animal hats such as this Ladybug Crochet EarFlap Hat 

These Crochet Baby Loafers are just too cute

Love eagles, or feeling patriotic? Check out this really cool Eagle Tagua Nut Pendant

This is just a small sampling of what is in this fun shop, so check out Hippies Creations for some great hand made creations.

Littlesister/littlebrother tagalongs:

ShanghaiTai with a very nice assortment of jewelry such as this Eclectic Pearl Necklace Blue & Brown

I really really like that necklace!!!!

Jewelry by Andrea ,  lovely assortment of necklaces, earrings, and bracelets - I admit I'm an earring nut, expecially ones like these Nepal Earrings Lapis Luzi with Brass

and rlsdesign, with a very nice assortment of jewelry.............................This Multistrand and Shell Bracelet is so pretty

This really is the fun part of being involved with the ArtFire CrazyTrain, visiting different shops and checking out all the diverse hand made creations.  All 3 of the "tagalongs" create jewelry - but they are all so different. 

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Handmade Artists Shop Janelle5

I'm having a hard time writing today so I decided to copy what Teresa wrote  for Jan's bio:
Janelle was a passionate lover of handmade and a tireless promoter.She was also an active member of our community. On her passing, we have experienced a great loss. Janelle left a hole in our group and our hearts. Janelle was unique in many ways, but what she did with a piece of wood was remarkable!Though she may be gone, her talent, passion and art remain in the pieces she so lovingly created. All of the proceeds from this shop will be contributed to her estate. We know you will be as taken with Janelle's pieces are we are! All of her friends here at the Handmade Artists Shop thank you for taking the time to look at, appreciate, and purchase her work.

I also am very fortunate to own one of Jan's ebony teardrop pendants,  I love the finish on this.

it's not the best picture in the world.

Love this Pink Ivorywood Teardrop Pendant

and this Purpleheart Donut Necklace

and this exoctic Zebrawood donut Necklace
 Some beautiful wood, made into some gorgeous pieces of art to wear.

There are only a few pieces of this wonderful ladies work left,  and all are on sale for 1/2 off.  don't miss out on this opportunity to own a unique piece of jewelry for yourself or to give as a gift.

Thanks for stopping by and as always, have a beautiful day.
We miss you Jan!

Monday, March 5, 2012

ArtFire CrazyTrain Rider Stitch Crazy Sisters

Stitch Crazy Sister's bio is simple and short, "We are 2 sisters that love to stitch" well, it's a tad longer than that, but not much!  I love this shop.Some of the cutest doll clothes, womens' crocheted slippers, baby items and children too at some very great prices I might add, espeically for hand knit items!

This Hand knit 3-pc Infant Set is so nice -  it looks soooo soft

Check out these pretty Crocheted Womens Button Cuff Slippers - so warm and cozy and pretty too!  Note: these ones are wool - if you can't wear wool they have acrylic ones too, so be sure to check out the slipper category.

This handknit Ballerina Outfit for 18" Dolls is just too cute!

and as many handmade artisans say, if you want it in a different color, let  the StitchCrazyStisters know!

almost forgot the littlesister/little brother tagalongs:
onpensandneedles with items from ereader covers, baby, home & personal items, and some awesome pens like this White Marble Tru StoneCambridge Pen  Beautiful isn't it!  Graduation is just around the corner.

MelekDesigns with a whole lot of cool jewelry - love these Sterling Silver Briolette Earrings

MajesticCrystalRose,  with a variety of items from jewelry, Christmas ornaments, hair accessories, quilted wall'll find this adorable Glass Spider with Copper and Hematite Legs in the Christmas ornament section!

See how much fun you can have visiting Artfire and checking out all the handmade items.
Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.