Sunday, March 18, 2012

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Officially, it's almost spring! Yay! This past week has been pretty nice, but today - yeah well, 1mile visibility, cloudy, and well if I went outside I'd have to hold onto something to not be blown over, that's why there is only 1 mile visibility - all the dirt blowing around.  So, I'll stay inside, have my tea and linger over delightful Andrus Gardens, a studio of "garden inspired quilted and fabric items..."

Intriguing, aesthetically pleasing,  inspiring correspondence, a mini artwork all wrapped up in one this Fiber Art Quilt Postcard Cropped Delphinium Door

Wearable art & versatile with this awesome Quilted and Beaded Pin, Pendant Pale Blue & Pink Diamond Shape

Love this Sweet Potato Leaves Fabric Cover for Composition Book or Journal,

If you love to write, love gardens, plants, mini art works I encourage you to visit AndrusGardens

And not forgetting our littlesister/littlebrother tag alongs we have:

BeadSouk, bead supplies in smaller paks - love these Fluorite Gemstone Beads
(yeah I have to be careful getting into bead supply shops lo - oh I love beads!!!!)

JillsTreasureChest featuring handmade jewelry and ceramic creations such as this Handmade Ceramic Santa with Toys

and PattyAnn with an eclectic collection of vintage items, and craft supplies.  I can think of lots of things to use this Vintage Lace and Cuffs set for (the problem would be choosing just one or two things! lo)

It's an eclectic kind of day!  Check out some or all of these awesome online shops with a variety of hand crafted creative items.

Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful day!

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And I'm going to do a little cleaning and some sewing that I've been trying to get to for days!


Sue Andrus said...

Thanks so much for the feature in your blog! I also somehow missed the beautiful lace from Patty Ann's shop... I Love it!

lisianblue Kris said...

Hi sue, You're welcome & thank you for stopping by - you do lovely work!