Thursday, March 1, 2012

ArtFire CrazyTrain Rider Angelas Adornments

Yesterday and todays crazytrain rider is Angelas Adornments with a very nice assortment of jewelry.

Ok, it's almost spring, but hey I think Christmas items are good all year - such as these jewels for the tree - or any other place you want to hang these Snowflake Christmas Ornaments Beaded Blue & White - pretty jewels for the tree!

I've tried crocheting with wire, it was a disaster - and I'm good at crocheting, so I really admire someone who can do this, such as this set of Wire Crochet Earrings Cool Carribean Green & Blue

and then there are some really cool necklaces such as this Purple Passion Hemp Necklace

Angelas Adornments has 15 pages of jewelry - lots of jewels to choose from. And oh yeah, there's a sale going on over there!!!!

And for the littlesister/littlebrother tagalongs (please note - I'm the one that added the tagalong on)
Virtually Yours, creator of Banners, Avatars, and websites. One of my fav color combos - pink and green as in the Banner and Avatar Design in Pale Pink with Light Green Vines

and DianesDangles with 23 pages of great jewlery like this gorgeous Gold Filled Azurite Gemstone Oval Pendant -

And then we have BlueMorningExpressions with Polymer Clay beads, canes, jewelry and so much more - I had a hard time picking one item out of the 89 pages of gorgeous clay beads, canes, and so much more - but love these little Pink Flower Polymer Clay Peach beads. Pretty aren't they?

Once again, I have to say, love love love the handmade creations.
Originality, unique, one of a kind creations made with care and imagination.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!

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