Wednesday, December 3, 2008


I just wanted to let people know - I haven't totally disappeared!

Without going into detail, I have some new health issues going on that are limiting what I can do - especially on the computer -
I hope I can get this problem under control soon -
I really miss conversing with my friends that I have made over the internet -
I will be checking my shops on etsy daily and my blog as often as possible.

I really appreciate everyones support and friendship - it means a lot to me.

I would much rather hang out on the computer and do a short blog every day and leave comments on everyones blogs frequently.

Some re-arranging may be in order here - but that will take some time and perhaps some help.

Wishing everyone a wonderful holiday - in these weird economic times - it
is important to remember what is really important.

Time spent with loved ones and children is often remembered more than those expensive toys.
making cookies - candy
playing board games
playing anything!
baking goodies

I'll be back.