Wednesday, March 12, 2014


WOW I finally got a new computer! YAY!  My very sweet son got it for me! Super son! I am now living in the beautiful city of Colorado Springs and have a fantastic view of Pikes Peak right out my living room window.

I admit, I have a love hate relationship with my apartment!! I love the layout, the great dishwasher & self cleaning oven, and it's pretty soundproof! Except for it facing one of the busiest streets in the city, it's a great location, 2 blocks to 2 grocery stores, a Radio Shack,  an Ace Hardware, & Hancock Fabrics & a few other shops.  Hobby Lobby is a short bus ride away, but honestly I don't know if I can even get to a Michael's or JoAnn's! The biggest drawback,  I lost 75 square feet from my last apt in Albuquerque, and that one was verging on being too small! This really is taking some very creative storage solutions.  And, I'm still working on getting things in place (2 months later!)!  Also trying to figure out how to make some games work on my grandson's part of the computer and not just mine!
I'll be back, but it may be in about a week, hopefully sooner. I am checking my shops frequently and   will get back to HandMadeArtists forum and doing some promoting soon.
Have a god one everybody!
My site got kind of messed up............................ it now goes to a not so great site.  Ugh!  I updated my card info and hopefully will manage to get it straightened out soon.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Computer Crashed

Just a quick note - will try to get back here on Thursday - but my computer crashed - hoping it can somehow be restored - but so far I'm not having much luck. 
Have a good one everyone!

Monday, January 14, 2013

HAF Featured Artist RasmussenGems

Greetings, I'd like to introduce you to RasmussenGems on Hand Made Artists.  John and Debora creators of  RasmussenGems make some pretty cool jewelry creations.   Debora does the  beading, creating wonderful necklaces, bracelets, anklets and more.  John does the lapidary work, cutting gemstones & shaping the metal  into some fabulous jewelry pieces.  They also do custom orders, so if you have something in mind, send them a message through the shop.

John also cuts some gorgeous cabochons that you can buy for your own creations, such as this beautiful Lapis Lazuli Cabochon 

I really like Hematite,  these pretty F Specular Hematite Earrings were calling my name! 

Agate is one of those stones that has such wonderful patterns, I really like this D Banded Agate Cabochon Pendant, John does such a nice job of wire wrapping. 

I have to add these sweet Copper Heart Earrings , adorable aren't they? 

You can visit RasmussenGems on Hand Made Artists,  Rasmussen Gems and Jewelry blog, and RasmussenGemsandJewelry on Facebook.

Oh yeah,  Gem identification and appraisal services are also available.

Thank you for coming by and wishing you a wonderful day.
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Monday, January 7, 2013

HandMadeArtists Feature LilBitSassy

I'm late, I'm late for a very important date!
Some how or another, I completely skipped over our featured artist a few weeks ago, so I'm featuring LilBitSassy  on HandMadeArtists now.  My apologies to LilBitSassy!

The creator of LilBitSassy lives in Meadville, PA and loves to create useful but fun items.  Many of her inspirations come from family members.   She especially enjoys making baby and children items, using her imagination to make things that they will love and/or enjoy playing with.

This sweet little "My 1st doll in Polka Dots" is adorable!

I love the idea of this Teddy Bear Gift Bag - made with fabric it can become a great carry all for those little ones after the gift is opened.  I think my 3 yr old grand daughter would think this is a gift by itself. I think you'll agree that it's  super cute!

LilBitSassy also makes some adorable snuggle blankets such as this Timothy Turtle Snuggle Buddy Blanket. Love those little green turtles on the blue background.  She also has bunnies, aliens, robots, frogs, lambs and other critters too. And some great blankets too!

So if you're looking for something that's well made for that special little someone in your life, I recommend you pay LilBitSassy a visit.  Besides her shop on HandMadeArtists, (links throughout the post) you can also find her at her blog and her other blog LilBitSassy, Sassy items for Sassy folks where she also sells her items.

You've got to see her adorable pj stockings!

Thanks for visiting, and wishing you a wonderful day & New Year!
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Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year

2012 has been somewhat of a crazy mixed up year!

I opened a new shop, Reflections on HandMadeArtists.
Got acquainted with some new friends such as Monika creator of MyEuropeanTouch who not only creates some amazing items with mosaics but her drawings are fabulous - I love this print Quill and Ink Drawing Post Card Monika Drake Mansion of  Tesdorf in Germany

I love what she does with broken plates - even pink ones! such as this delightful Shabby chic Mosaic Window Sash Pane Broken China Plate Rims

We had a Secret Santa gift exchange on HandMadeArtists Forum and I received this beautiful bracelet by Lisa, creator of Uniglets, I actually try to stay away from her shop, because every time I look I find at least one or two items I would love to have! 

I finally reached 100 followers on my blog - and had a drawing for a stained glass ornament/ sun catcher. what was truly funny was I drew Lisa's name!  This is the sun catcher ornament and 2 little stars I sent her.  The sun catcher is clear stained glass that I hand painted with  a silver outline and a blue/green iridescent paint. The little star on the left, is a glass star that I wrapped with copper foil tape and soldered. Adding some clear and emerald green beads to the top and bottom for a purse or phone charm.  the star on the right, is a metal star I painted with aqua/blue iridescent paint and added some white curly cue designs.  We have become pretty good friends over the miles between Albuquerque, New Mexico and New York City.

I received a wonderful gift  way before Christmas, of 7 sets of double pointed knitting needles from Judy, creator of JuniqueGoods who makes these lovely Christmas Spiders , among other delightful creations. 

Please don't get me wrong, I value the friendliness and support by so many members of the forum, but, Monika and Lisa have become "friends."  I've gotten better acquainted with some other members too. 

I closed my shops on ArtFire, don't miss it too much! Still have my lisianblue shop on HandMadeArtists. Always grateful for the support and all that Kimberly and Andrew do for us through the forum, shop, and blog - and so much more! 

I got to have my grandson with me for a month here in Alb, and then I spent about a month in Colorado Springs with him, his sister, and their mom (my daughter).  I do miss them! The flood in their former home from the sewer back up was not fun! I was sick for over a month!  2012 was sort of like a roller coaster ride - like life usually is! In August, I injured the middle finger on my right hand, of course I'm right handed - it's still sore - but better with a few weeks of therapy. It has really cut down on my crocheting though. 

I look forward to 2013, with some changes in store - they don't have anything to do with New Years resolutions, just my own need to stretch a bit - both literally and figuratively! They just happen to be occurring with the New Year! 
Wishing you a wonderful healthy happy 2013 with all it's up's and downs sort of like that roller coaster ride! 
It always comes back up! 

Saturday, December 22, 2012

HAF Featured Artist Lady Faith Jewelry

Barbara, the creator of Lady Faith Jewelry is  a retired school teacher and once again has time for doing what she loves, drawing, painting and making some great jewelry.  Barbara  originally created jewelry when she was very young,  around 5 or 6, when her grandmother brought home a bag of broken jewelry & she would put it back together with safety pins.  It is interesting how many of us find our way back to something we truly enjoyed as a child.

And Lady Faith keeps that childhood playfulness in much of her jewelry such as these Dangling Stacked Candy Earrings, what wonderful colors, and you could wear them with a variety of outfits!

These pretty Ruby Earrings on hand crafted sterling silver ear wires are still playful, although a bit more sophisticated 

Wouldn't it be fun to wear this wonderful  Mystery of Egypt Charm Bracelet while dancing! What fun with all those cool jangly charms!

You will not only find some very nice jewelry, but very reasonable prices on  Lady Faith's Jewelry, where you will find as she says " fun jewelry for the modern woman."  Enjoy! You can also find Barbara at her blog,  Jewelry by Lady Faith

Wishing everyone a Very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, and a bright and beautiful 2013. 
Thank you for coming by and have a great day!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Through The Eyes of a Child

It's 3:40 A.m.  I fell asleep earlier and slept for 2 hours and now I'm awake again! I was going through my picture files, cleaning some out, organizing them etc, and came across some my grandson took this past Aug.  I had just finished up my 84 Bits and Pieces Dancing Glass Wind Chime and had been taking pictures of it when Kai asked if he could take some.  I put the camera strap back on and let him have at it.  These are a some of the pictures he took.
Hint: Just click on the 1st one and then you can go through them pretty quickly! And they are so much more fun to look at in a larger size.

I have found that kids, from babies to older ones, really like wind chimes, and if they are shiny glass ones, all the better!

These are actually less than half of the ones he took that afternoon.  When his little sister Evie was about 7 mo's old, they came to visit.  There were a few times my daughter would go for a short walk around the complex, and  leave both kids in my care.  Kai is a piece of cake!  Evie at 7 mo's,  well that was different story!  I had a couple of different wind chimes on my patio and I found she would settle down and become a happy baby when I took her outside and ran my fingers across the wind chime making it sing. 
I have some "big" kid who goes by my apartment and once in a while will  run their hand across one of my wind chimes making it sing.  I can tell the difference between the wind, and a person making it sing!  When I'm outside, some of the kids around here will come by and ask if I'll make them make noise!  I love it!
Wishing I could be with my Kai and Evie for Christmas, but it's not to be this year.  Hopefully next year.  I was with them last Christmas,at their home,  they are so fun to be around.   
H A P P Y    H O L I D A Y S