Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Thunder Rose Leather is  the wonderful creation of Debbie & John who live outside Sedona, Az in a small town called Cornville.
They do old school leather & beadwork,  one piece at a time,  by hand, paying attention to details.   You can order one of their standard items, or they will gladly work with you on a custom design. Most of their work reflects the styles of the old west, western, mountain man, & Native American cultures.  Each piece is unique, practical, and can be enjoyed for many years.  They use primarily Elkskin, but buffalo, deerskin , and deer tanned cowhide & others are available. 

My absolute favorite in their shop is their baby & toddler moccasins, such as these
 Adorable aren't they!! And I know your little one will outgrow them before they outwear them!
 This beaded purse is great for a free spirited person, and will last so long you will be amazed!
 Gorgeous White Buckskin Purse is elegant yet durable.

Know someone who plays a flute?   This Fringed Leather Flute Bag would make a perfect gift to keep a flute safe and handy!

This beautiful Beaded White Deerskin Pouch is  perfect for stashing a few little goodies in  for an evening out, or.......?

They have so many others to chose from too!

Experience the joy of a quality hand made leather purse, pouch, moccasins, etc from Thunderroseleather.  It will last you a life time, and maybe even your kids!

You can also find them at:

Note:  My ex-husband did leather work, I'm still using a purse he made about 40 years ago, and my daughter, still has her little boots he made for her 30 years ago.  Good leather like
Debbie & John use, lasts an incredibly long time. 
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Friday, August 8, 2014


It brings me great pleasure to introduce you to a very special friend of mine, Monika, creator of My European Touch.   It is said that necessity is the mother of invention, and this was especially true in war torn Europe.  Watching her parents re-use, recycle, and re-invent items, using her doll cooking stove to melt the wax, Monika started creating candles from candle stumps using yarn as a wick.
Her dolls had clothes that she crocheted, sewed and cross stitched.  Making clay vases, drawing and painting were also among Monika's early interests.  Her interests and talents have varied and grown, bringing her to mosaics.   Now, Monika doesn't use just mosaic pieces that are already made, no, she precisely cuts fine bone/porcelain plates along with stained glass, jewelry and other baubles as she says.  Items such as cake domes, washboards, old violins and others, Monika transforms them into beautiful artistic creations.  Besides her mosaics, Monika also creates other decorative items, and she does shabby chic so well.   Let me show you a few.

Handmade ornament, gift tags, wall or cabinet hangers
Love these handmade yellow roses

 Jeweled Picture Frame

 There's those baubles!

Quill and ink hand drawn Mansion of Tesdorf, Germany
 Such talent!

Shabby Chic Mosaic Treasure Box

Her creations make me love pink!  And pink isn't even in my top 10 fav colors!

This Shabby Chic Wall Mirror is one of my favorite creations by Monika.

You just gotta go see one of her mosaic cake domes, they look so yummy!

Oh yeah, she enjoys doing custom creations and works closely with clients to create their desire.
So, visit her shop, My European Touch

You can also find Monika at:
 Blog: http://bit.ly/1qHnwlr
Facebook: http://on.fb.me/1uzNLvS
Twitter: http://bit.ly/1zmJ8nL
Pinterest: http://bit.ly/X4GW6y
Video: http://bit.ly/1gi5Ww5
Flickr: http://bit.ly/1qk81ic
HGTV: http://bit.ly/X4JIc6

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Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Some of you may know already know that I have a thing for bunnies.   I started making bunnies when my grandson was about 3, he's 14 now and has 3, and wanting another one, but  a very specialized one.  Really!
My oldest granddaughter who is only 4, was recently diagnosed with Leukemia, fortunately the curable kind.  But, she still has to go through hell to get it done.  I decided she deserves and just may need a special bunny, so that's what I did.  My sweet little Evie loves pink, and she can often be found with a pink dress on, with ruffles around the bottom playing with cars!  When it comes to dressing, she is ALL  girl! Here is Evie's bunny
 I know that Evie often just wears her clothes when she goes in for treatments, but I thought it may be fun to make a "hospital gown" for the bunny, only this one does a good job of covering up parts it should cover!  Evie usually wears leggings under her dresses, so I thought it was only right the bunny should at least have bloomers.

The white with pink polka dot rompers  are an item I came up with many years ago, by sewing the bloomers to the  dress bodice top.
This one has gathers in the bodice, not something I often do, but I wanted this to be a special bunny with special outfits.
I have a dress for her in the works, hopefully it will be done soon.
I gave the bunny to her about 2 weeks ago, but still needed to take pictures of it, so she gave it back to me so I could do so!  What a sweety!
For  various reasons, I wasn't able to give it back to her  until yesterday. Mom and Evie came by for just a few minutes and both remained in the car.  I sat in the back seat with her and handed it to her, she hugged  and snuggled up to it, and was sound asleep within minutes.  Her hug and snuggle was thank you enough!

The other bunny is for my other sweet 3 yr-old granddaughter, Namine'.  This bunny is  special too.   It's made from one of my Dad's robes!  All 3 grand kids will have one now.  I'd post pics of the other 2, but they were on my computer that I no longer have access to.

The white on the feet is from the arms of the robe, I sewed some "fancy" stitches on it  to add something a little extra special, and the white part needed some reinforcing .

Unfortunately, I won't be able to see her get the bunny as I will be mailing it to her.  Hopefully mom or dad will take a few pictures!
So, these are my bunnies for my special girls.  They're so fun to make!

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Tuesday, July 1, 2014


Jewelry, looking for something a bit different than what every store in your local mall carries. If so, I highly recommend Rasmussen Gems & Jewelry LLC on Handmade Artists Shop.  Here, you will find
 jewelry and gemstones  handcrafted in John and Debora's  shop. Debora does the designing and beading necklaces, anklets, bracelets, ear rings, and key chains. John does lapidary to cut the gemstones, metalsmithing (silver and copper) to make the jewelry and wire wrapping.
 If you want a custom design, just send them a message through the shop.. Custom orders are always accepted.  Gem identification and appraisal services are also available. How cool is that?

John isn't your typical self taught lapidary grinding away in the garage type person.  He was educated at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, NY.  He also taught geology for ten years, and after switching careers for a while, he is back to his love of rocks, minerals. and gems.  John has also been educated in Gemology including jewelry design and repair at the International Gem Society, Gemological Institute of America and Penn Foster Career School.

Looking for a cool stone cabochon for a special something you want to create? You will find 6 pages of a variety of stones and cuts including this lovely Mossy Agate Cabochon. Gorgeous!

Or perhaps a classy facet cut? He has those too!  This Citrine Checkerboard Gemstone is amazing!

Besides cutting these beautiful gems and stones, he also makes some very nice jewelry too.  Besides using cast settings, he also does some very nice wire wrapping.  Love this Forest Agate Sterling Silver Pendant.

John's wife Debora, does all the bead design & crafting.  She doesn't make just necklaces, she also makes matching earrings sold with her gorgeous designs. 
This Necklace and Earring Set 1053 really caught my eye. Such wonderful colors!

This very sweet pink Necklace and Earring Set 1034 reminds me of my very sweet granddaughter, Evie.  But, she'll have to wait since she's only 4!

Remember,  Rasmussen Gems and Jewelry LLC also do custom orders as well as gem and stone identification, just send them a message through the shop.

You can also find them on their blog and facebook
Blog: http://rasmussengemsandjewelryllc.blogspot.com/
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Rasmussen-Gems-and-Jewelry/123028303885

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Wednesday, June 25, 2014


One of the fun things about being a long time member of HandMade Artists Forum is watching some of the other artisans grow and branch out.  One such artisan is Larissa, creator of Reef Botanicals and Fabric Of My Mind.  Actually, it's a husband wife team, of Eric and Larissa who discovered a mutual love of making things from scratch.  Between the two of them, they cook, bake, brew, craft, paint, photograph, knit, sew,  create candles & skin care products. and oh, both of them hold down full time jobs. Whew! Oh wait, I forgot, Larissa's face painting and their recently added bee hives, which Larissa has lovingly painted with Winnie The Pooh characters!
Painting the bee hives has led to painting other things too, and Larissa plans to expand this into painting murals.
It all began with Reef Botanical'sShop with high quality all natural handcrafted soaps and other indulgences.
Such as this soothing and skin radiant Honey & Oatmeal Soap

They also create lip balms,  bath salts, scrubs,  other bath products as well as lovely candles.

Fabric of My Mind eventually evolved, with knitted scarves & hats, toys, as well as some sewn toys and creations.  Many of these creations are from Larissa's own patterns such as this fun Designer Knitted Green Dinosaur Scarf

Larissa also creates such classics as this beautiful Deep Blue Celtic Knot Hand Knitted Scarf

One of my favorites is her Flossie The Cow creations such as this one in Black & White.

These are all the places you can find Larissa &/or Eric.
Larissa does some awesome face painting too!  
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Harmony is not only a pleasing arrangement of parts to one another, but also an agreement
in action, feeling, sentiment or the like. Harmony is about agreement, accordance, unison, melody concordance.  We most often think of harmony in terms of music, but harmony also comes into play in any art form.
When I look at Andrew & Kimberly's work, I see harmony.
Where does harmony come from?  I think it can come from many "places", but I believe it primarily comes from love.
Love for what you are doing, or creating.  Andrew & Kimberly are creating so much more than their jewelry, painted glass and other art.
This harmony is also a major component of Handmade Artists Forum & Shop.  I believe it may  come from their love of each other, the love of handmade and a shared commitment.

Besides her work outside the home, taking care of 3 "boys",  co-running HAF & HAS as well running On Fire For Handmade, Kimberly creates some beautiful sea glass pendants, as well as some awesome altered art using books you can find in her Handmade Artists Shop, Makin The Best of It
Love this Sterling Leaves Sea Glass Necklace

  And of course this awesome Cobalt Blue Message Pendant

Kimberly also creates some wonderful hand painted glass that you can find at MakinTheBestOfIt

Besides holding down a full time job and co-running HAF &HAS, Andrew does some pretty special chainmaille jewelry by "twisting rings" that you will find at Chainmaille By MBOI.  Not only does he put all those little rings together, he creates most of them, if not all of them!
One of my absolute favorites is this Sterling Silver Roundmaille Bracelet

Chainmaille, sort of boggles my brain, but this Copper Elfsheet Chainmaille Bracelet really does!

This Stainless Steel Persian Unisex Necklace is just totally awesome!
You can also find these awesome chainmaille creations at Chainmaille By MBOI
If you look at handmade creations in a different light, you will see the harmony, especially when it's a creation by either one of these two very special people.
You can also find them on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/KimberlyAKitchen


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Monday, June 16, 2014


So, of course I'm late for my 1st blog ring post in quite a while! Better late than never though, right?
One of my favorite places on the net is Handmade Artists Forum & the Shop too of course!
Kimberly & Andrew started the forum early Spring 2009, and it's been growing ever since.
It's a friendly place.  We have discussions about our handmade creations, promoting, styles, tools, techniques, and even one thread devoted to "What are you doing today?" - that's my favorite thread! There are threads to post you creations with sections for art, jewelry, knitting, sewing & crochet, and one for creative creations for everything else.  You can post your creation and get supportive comments, feedback, and maybe other ideas if that is what you are looking for.  Posts aren't closed, it's a pretty free nice open discussion.  Differences of opinions happen but they are kept on a friendly basis.
Before too much longer the HandMade Artists Shop was created.  This is sweet!  For a mere $5.00 a month, you can list as many items as you can create!  And each of those items will be either tweeted, put on Facebook, google +, Pinterest,   or all of the above!  Many people also promote other shops &/or items on their blogs, Facebook pages, & tweet etc.  And if you need help with something, Andrew or Kimberly are a mouse click away, and you will get a quick helpful reply!
I highly recommend investing in a shop and becoming a member of the forum if you make handmade creations to sell. You can  come hang out, share you're creations, join in other discussions, and well, just hang out!
And to give you a peak at some of the wonderful creations on HAS:

Green Sea Glass Stack by Makin The Best Of It

Sterling Silver Daisy Chain Necklace by Chainmaille by MBOI

Night Music Throw by Sewdifferent

Got your curiosity going??? these are just a very few wonderful handmade creations you will find on HandMadeArtists Shop.  Other categories include: Bath & Beauty, Candles, Crochet Knitting & Needlecraft, Metal Craft, Mosaics.......and much more!
Sit back, relax, and go shopping in your jammies while sipping a cup of your favorite brew, or cold one!
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