Thursday, March 19, 2009

Rainbow Creations

My Rainbow Easter Egg Ornament for this weeks theme on Thursday SweetTreat.

Want to see a lot of wonderful creations all on one blog post?

Go to - to see this weeks entries based on Vibrant Chaotic Rainbows!

Some wonderful works of art, paintings, clothes, bags, fish, jewelry, a mug (an awesome mug), all sorts of wonderful colorful creations.

Thank you Natasha for doing such a wonderful job of putting this all together, and your awesome support for your fellow artists!

Title links to Thursday Sweet Treat.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Glass, Glass, Glass

OOPS - just wrote out a blog and then proceeded to send it out into space!

I spent last Friday morning hanging out at a stained glass class, talking and watching the other 7 students. It was great, just about everyone talked about what they were doing in the whole process of making a stained glass piece. All of the students became teachers that day. I get to start cutting glass this coming Friday - I'm so excited. One lady is in the process of making these really cool pendants - and was somewhat discouraged with the whole thing, but after we talked, she seemed to be feeling better about it all - the really funny thing is we ran into each other as I was leaving Hobby Lobby and she was going in!
Patience - I'm having a hard time being patient - I want to do these - now - I've started some pieces in advance that will eventually get framed as a small stained glass piece.
Meanwhile - working on small glass discs that can be either magnets or pendants, along with the square and rectangle glass tiles and more Easter ornaments.

My "bug", along with my upstairs neighbors have gone! YEAH!!!! With a couple of decent days sleep, I'm definitely feeling better and hopefully will be getting more done - still working on rearranging and getting things cleaned up around here - lots of things to sell, give away, donate etc.
Have a wonderful day!