Sunday, April 29, 2012

Crazy Train Rider On Pens & Needles

For some reason, I was thinking I had done a post for OnPens&Needles not too long ago, but I think this awesome shop was one of the littlesisters.
Appropriately named, this cool shop has some great pens, baby items, scrapbook supplies, personal & home creations, and even some woodwork - and more!

I  love the pens in this shop, but this White Marble Tru Stone Pen one is my absolute favorite.

If you have a little one that cries on and on in their car seat, you may want to try a set of Seat Belt Covers these would make any car seat prettier for your precious baby and they wouldn't have those silly straps rubbing up against their tender skin.

June weddings are just around the corner, and these adorable Bride & Groom Scrapbook Embellishments would make a great addition to a wedding scrapbook.

These are just a few of the great items in OnPens&Needles awesome shop.

The littlesister/littlebrother tag-alongs:

LovelyThings this Lavender Peacock Cape is quite lovely.

BeadSouk has a large collection of jewelry supplies along with some hand crafted jewelry such as this beautiful Black Obsidian Teardrop Pendant

Many Horses Jewelry Supply has a great collection of jewelry supplies and some lovely items that can be used as is and handcrafted ones as well - Check out this lovely Shawl Pin Ring of Fire

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Saturday, April 28, 2012

ArtFireCrazyTrain Rider StitchCrazySisters

I just finished going through a bunch of old email's- esp the artfire collection emails - and interestingly enough the stitchcrazysisters shop was in a number of the collections!  It's not hard to see why, they have items in in more than a few collections with the nice work they do. With a nice selection of doll clothes, slippers, and baby clothes this is a fun shop to visit.

Love this colorful Hand Knit Infant Sweater

and these adorable Crocheted Baby Booties

This Beautiful Crocheted Infants Dress is so sweet.

Reminds me of the dress I made for my daughter when she was 2, I'm not sure I'd be willing to part with it for the price they are selling this adorable dress for.  Ok, not the actual dress I made her!
Since I do a lot of crocheting and a little bit of knitting, sometimes I get a little hesitant about featuring other people who do the same thing, but that's actually the fun part of all this, we all do things differently!
If you are looking for something special for that upcoming baby shower, a little ones' birthday, or a special dress for your little one's favorite doll, I highly recommend checking out the StitchCrazySister's shop.

And on to the littlesister/littlebrother tag-a-longs:

acadienne with knit and crochet items for you, the kitchen, bath, caps, scarves, shawls, and more
How cute is this Pink and Green Crochet Pot Holder Dress

MelekDesigns has a very nice assortment of jewelry. I love dnagly earrings such as these Cats Eye Heart Charm Earrings

and TheSunnySideBiz with sea glass jewelry, jewelry, bags and purses, clothing and more such as this delightful Sun Moon and Stars Quilted Pillow

Be unique and and check out some of these cool shops where you will find quality hand made items that aren't owned by 1000's of other people!
Support Handmade!

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

CrazyTrain Rider Sam's Stuff

Good Morning - well it's morning for me anyway and I'm actually getting this one done sort of early - as in not in the tail end of the "ride"! 
Sam's Stuff - and what a great lot of "stuff" is in this shop!  Photography, one of a kind & vintage items for the home (ArtFire exclusives)OOAK & vintage jewelry, accessories & clothing as she says in her intro.

I like to put in the handmade items when possible and so that is what I' going to try to focus on here: such as these cool  Vintage Cookbook Embroidered Bookmarkers
Would also look cool framed!

Although Orange is not my color - this Orange Crochet Wallet Freida - is pretty cool don't you think!?

Hehe this pictures of the Messenger Bag Hand Embroidered is sort of a teaser - you've got to go look at the picture of the whole thing!!!  I left off part of the title so I won't give it all away! :)

Be sure to check out all the cool things in this eclectic shop called Sam's Stuff -

And of course I can't leave out the littlebrother/littlesisters

a featured shop  just the other day is OnPensandNeedles - this Padded Pink & Green E-reader cover is so pretty

Julies Treasures Cards, Bath & Beauty - These Orange Scented Sugar Shower Slice Scrubs look so yummy

HippiesCreations is full of just about any kind of crocheted item you can think of  and such adorable hats - check out this adorable Crochet Penguin Earflap Hat

One of the reasons I love doing the ArtFire CrazyTrain thing is finding all these cool handmade creations that all these very talented people make.  I think most of the people who sell their creations online and at craft fairs really do a very good job of making what they do, and take pride in what they make. 
And you're getting something that is often one of a kind - or limited - and 1,000s of other people aren't running around with the same thing! Be an individual & buy handmade!!!
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Sunday, April 22, 2012

CrazyTrain Rider PattyAnn

Yup, I did sort of fall of the face of the planet again.  I really don't mean to, it just sort of happens once in a while.  I won't bore you with the details......................

So, I'll try to get back on track here with the current CrazyTrain Rider:  PattyAnn who has a studio full of all sorts of vintage items

She states that this wonderful Hand Crocheted Ecru Collar is from the 1950's - whenever it's from, that took some work to do. 

This lovely Vintage White Linen Tea Jacket is a size small - too bad, or maybe it's a good thing, if were a medium, I may have bought it. 

These fabulous Antique Glass Knobs remind me of the ones that were on my Grandmother's cabinets -

PattyAnn has all sorts of items: vintage buttons, cards, jewelry, books..........and more as well as current crafting supplies. 

and of course we also have the littlesister/little brother tag alongs:

123Gemstones with a huge assortment of jewelry and some very pretty note cards too! From the Pet Bling category is this pretty Doggie Bling Necklace
Yes, besides jewelry for humans, she also has jewelry for your favorite furry friend!

Melekdesigns also has quite an assortment of jewelry - I love these Aqua Blue Clay Rose Dangle Earrings

and OnPensAndNeedles with a great assortment of covers for e-readers, seat belts,  sml Kleenex pkgs, hot pads, and some gorgeous  pens, such as this White Marble Tru Stone Cambridge Pen  
and a whole lot more!

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Check out these awesome shops, and have a great day

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Art Fire Crazy Train Rider JanuaryGirlDesigns

And so it seems that just as I'm sort of half way caught up with things, I'm back up to Colorado Springs. It was definitely a last minute trip - my daughter called me Wed evening and I was trying to get on the bus Thurs at 2am - but that didn't happen so I went back home and slept part of the day and got some laundry done & repacked and was back to the bus station by 10pm and on the bus at 12am.  I had over 1700 unread emails - I narrowed it down to 1148 (delete, delete, delete!) but I do need to read some of those at some point! And so that's my apology and excuse for being behind again!

And on to today's ArtFire Crazytrain rider: JanuaryGirlDesigns

Earrings, I don't about anybody else, but I hardly leave home without them!  Love these Frosted Carnelian & Garnet Dangle Earrings

WOW! I'm not sure that I could pull this one off, but I love this Turquoise Spike Collar & Bracelet Set anyway!

Now, I could probably pull off this beautiful Blue Labradorite & Silver 2 Strand Necklace,  and it's blue!

And, did I mention that JanuaryGirlDesigns is having a sale?? No, well she is! So, hope on hover there and check these fabulous jewelry pieces and have fun!

And, not to be forgotten the littlesister and littlebrother tag alongs:

JuliesTreasures, with a nice assortment of soaps and bath items as well as some cute cards.  I love this Glittery Peach Handmade Floral Mothers Day Card

LovelyThings - oh the list of items this woman makes is too long!  You just have to go check out this unique shop!!!!! This picture just does not do this Flowering Garden Crazy Quilt justice - you've got to check it out further!!!

madmoravian, makes some beautiful wood pens, bottle stoppers, key chains, and even a few pieces of chainmaille, and this very lovely Handmade Walnut & Tiger Maple Trinket Box
Looks like a great Father's Day gift! madmoravian - love the name!!!!

Go have fun and check out these wonderful artisans - You'll find some great Mother's Day, Father's Day, graduate gifts, or something for you (or someone else) for just because you're worth it!
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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

HAF BlogRing Featured Artist Nancys Wild Wire Art

My apologies, I've been absent for a bit, my daughter & grand kids were in town last week.  My grandson spent the entire week with me, and I spent every minute I possibly could with him.  My granddaughter spent 24 hrs with us, and the 3 of us had a great time! 

Anyway, back to the featured artist.  I think Nancy has the perfect shop name - NancysWildWireArt - it describes what she does!  Nancy creates her wild wire art in her basement studio in southern Illinois.

I think owls are awesome, and this Wild Tree of Life Owl Pendant is such a nice example of Nancy's work

Nancy does some really neat tree of life pendants such as this Amberina Tree of Life Necklace, and she also created the chain!

This Organic Green Crystal Quartz Pendant on Wire, is one of my favorites. 

This is just a small sampling of what is in  NancysWildWireArt shop.  Go check it out, and see what unique pieces of art jewelry you can find.

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