Wednesday, April 4, 2012

HAF BlogRing Featured Artist Nancys Wild Wire Art

My apologies, I've been absent for a bit, my daughter & grand kids were in town last week.  My grandson spent the entire week with me, and I spent every minute I possibly could with him.  My granddaughter spent 24 hrs with us, and the 3 of us had a great time! 

Anyway, back to the featured artist.  I think Nancy has the perfect shop name - NancysWildWireArt - it describes what she does!  Nancy creates her wild wire art in her basement studio in southern Illinois.

I think owls are awesome, and this Wild Tree of Life Owl Pendant is such a nice example of Nancy's work

Nancy does some really neat tree of life pendants such as this Amberina Tree of Life Necklace, and she also created the chain!

This Organic Green Crystal Quartz Pendant on Wire, is one of my favorites. 

This is just a small sampling of what is in  NancysWildWireArt shop.  Go check it out, and see what unique pieces of art jewelry you can find.

Thanks for visiting and have a unique & wonderful day! 
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Nancy Pace said...

Thanks for the nice post:)I am glad you enjoyed my work!

TamsJewelry said...

Beautiful post! She is a talented lady, so evident in each of her pieces! :)

Sandi Levy said...

You just have to love wire-wrap. It's such a wonderful talent! Great post, Kris!

lisianblue Kris said...

Hi Nancy, Tam & Sandi - Thank you
Glad you ladies stopped by, sorry for my delay in replying!