Saturday, April 28, 2012

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I just finished going through a bunch of old email's- esp the artfire collection emails - and interestingly enough the stitchcrazysisters shop was in a number of the collections!  It's not hard to see why, they have items in in more than a few collections with the nice work they do. With a nice selection of doll clothes, slippers, and baby clothes this is a fun shop to visit.

Love this colorful Hand Knit Infant Sweater

and these adorable Crocheted Baby Booties

This Beautiful Crocheted Infants Dress is so sweet.

Reminds me of the dress I made for my daughter when she was 2, I'm not sure I'd be willing to part with it for the price they are selling this adorable dress for.  Ok, not the actual dress I made her!
Since I do a lot of crocheting and a little bit of knitting, sometimes I get a little hesitant about featuring other people who do the same thing, but that's actually the fun part of all this, we all do things differently!
If you are looking for something special for that upcoming baby shower, a little ones' birthday, or a special dress for your little one's favorite doll, I highly recommend checking out the StitchCrazySister's shop.

And on to the littlesister/littlebrother tag-a-longs:

acadienne with knit and crochet items for you, the kitchen, bath, caps, scarves, shawls, and more
How cute is this Pink and Green Crochet Pot Holder Dress

MelekDesigns has a very nice assortment of jewelry. I love dnagly earrings such as these Cats Eye Heart Charm Earrings

and TheSunnySideBiz with sea glass jewelry, jewelry, bags and purses, clothing and more such as this delightful Sun Moon and Stars Quilted Pillow

Be unique and and check out some of these cool shops where you will find quality hand made items that aren't owned by 1000's of other people!
Support Handmade!

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