Wednesday, May 28, 2014


I got up to a very nice surprise yesterday, one of my fellow artists, Monika of MyEuropeanTouch had written a very nice feature on my shops on HandmadeArtistsShops. I was on my way to the forum, and there before my eyes was one of my small watercolor paintings, in my reflections shop. This one is a series of paintings "On The Bus" I did on the bus between Albuquerque, New Mexico & Colorado Springs, Colorado.
So after going to the whole feature I was surprised with all the different items my dear friend Monika featured.  I agree with Monika, this Ivory & Lace Crocheted Cloche is one of my favorites from my lisianblue shop too.

And on that note, I'd like to return the favor and feature some of Monika's work from her shop MyEuropeanTouch.   Monika grew up in Germany,  during and after WWII while her parents were reusing, recycling & reinventing, Monika caught the creative bug around the age of 5.  She started sewing, crocheting, knitting & cross stitching doll clothes, making candles by melting candle stumps in her little doll oven using yarn as candle wicks. Monika went on to making clay vases, drawing a painting. Now living in Florida, Monika's interests and talents have evolved over time, and now creates Mosaics.  Now, these aren't you're "typical mosaics", not at all! Monika "reclaims/reinvents unwanted  items & breathe(s) new live/usefulness in them" creating fabulous pieces of art.  Her mosaics are created with  precise cut/nipped fine bone china & stained glass mosaic pieces.  I love this Shabby Chic Mosaic Mirror
Pink is not on my list of colors that I like, but this lady's mosaics makes me love pink!
Imagine putting your loved one's picture in this awesome Mosaic Picture Frame that also includes a little bit of jewelry. Although this Vintage Designer Mosaic Cake Dome is sold, I just have to show it to you. She has other cakes domes, that have also sold, but she will happily create one just for you.

Gorgeous isn't it?
Monika works with a client to involve them in "Their" Art Piece.  
Oh Yeah,. it seems that Monika used to draw.  Check out her Drawings&Paintings, such as this quill & ink drawing of Tesdorf Manson in Germany.
Monika & I got to know each other a little better while she was translating a 3 page document in German my dad brought back from Germany after WWII. Monika is a super nice lady, who creates some awesome mosaics,  & does a lot of promoting for fellow artisans. I encourage you to visit her shop MyEauropeanTouch on HandMadeArtistsShops, if you haven't already.
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