Wednesday, May 30, 2012

ArtFire CrazyTrain Rider AmyCrawley

You will find a smile on your face when you take a look at AmyCrawley's studio!  Her delightful polymer clay creations,  especially her "ornimals" are just too cute.

I love this guy! Frog Prince Ornament

See! You're already smiling aren't you?!!!

 I think she really captured the typical Siamese cat with her Siamese Cat Ornament!

Her adorable Dachshund Ornament is reserved, but maybe if you send her a  message, she'll make one for you too!

Personally, these are too cute to be put away all year and just brought out at Christmas,  They deserve as special place all the time. 
AmyCrawley has other very cool  polymer creations too,  go check them out!

The littlesister/littlebrother tag-a-longs:

Micah5Five  where you will find, jewelry, headbands, barrettes, and some photographs, such as this Tears of the Sun, the Montana state flower, Bitter root. Love those colors!

PattyAnn with Vintage and other Cool Stuff as it says on her banner!
OK, seriously, I didn't know there were things made commemorating Watergate, but that is exactly what this Clevenger Brothers Purple Glass Bottle Watergate June 1972 does!  the back is too funny, and it's handmade!

MelekDesigns with quite an assortment of jewelry. Check out this Statement Necklace in Pink and Turquoise

Also, be sure to check out this great collection of past littlesister/littlebrothers.
I love the assortment of todays featured shops.  Be sure to check out these studios where you will find some very cool items. And just think, you get to go shopping in your pj's if you want!
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Monday, May 28, 2012

ArtFire CrazyTrain Rider AmeliaOriginals

You will find elegantly simple to complex designs in wire wrapped jewelry along with other jewelry designs and some very cool wire bookmarks called Paper Doodles in AmeliaOriginals shop on ArtFire.

Check out this very cool Copper Wire Sculptured Flower Pendant, that can also be worn as a brooch! How cool is that!

I really like this Wire Wrapped Brass over Cabochon pendant
That's some pretty curly wire there!  Almost as curly as my hair! No, actually its a little curlier! lo

And one of her adorable Paper Doodle Bookmarks with an Attitude
I just had this thought, they sort of remind me of something else, but I'm not saying what! hehe

These fun creations are making me write funny things!
Seriously though, check out AmeliaOriginal for some pretty cool wire wrapped jewelry.

littlesister/littlebrother tag-a-longs:

VirtuallyYours with some great premade banners and avatars, such as this very nice looking Mountains at Sunset Banner & Avatar, Trish also loves designing web sites.

123Gemstones where you can find lots of jewelery supplies along with some nicely wire wrapped pendants!  (funny how this works out this way some times) such as this lovely Mother of Pearl copper WireWrappedSeaShellPendant

WyvernDesigns - wow - what an eclectic assortment of items, from hand knit items, mod jewelry made with polymer clay, baby headbands, and more!  Check out these awesome little Red and Black Ladybug Buttons handmade with polymer clay. 

And there you have our crazy train riders, what a great mix of creations.  Such talent!
It really is better handmade!

I'm a bit late in posting this, my fingers were not functioning yesterday, in fact my whole body was pretty much not functioning!  Guess that's what I get for shampooing my living room carpet!  Yay it's clean, and today I did my futon!!
Hope you had a memorable Memorial Day. 
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Friday, May 25, 2012

Creative FabricOfMyMind on HandmadeArtistsShop

One of the fun things about being a long time member of Handmade Artist's Forum is being able to watch people grow in their art, transition to other media, and explore new possibilities.  One such person is Larissa, creator of Fabric Of My Mind and also Reef Botanicals, both on HandmadeArtist'sShop.  While she makes some scrumptious bath products & candles carried in ReefBotanicals, she has recently added FabricOfMyMind with some wonderful hand knit washcloths, scarves, an adorable bunny, crayons, patterns for a toddlers busy book and a puzzle but also does some very cool photography.

I love this beautiful photo of this gorgeous PinkPeony

This lovely Purple Cable Knit Irish Hiking Scarf looks so soft and warm

And I just happen to know that Larrisa uses some very good cotton bamboo yarn to make her awesome washcloths such as this neat Racing Stripe Hand Knit Washcloth

Larissa is definitely one of those multi-talented people.  Besides all the wonderful creations she makes, she is also a lawyer, face painter (awesome face painter!), baker, wife daughter, sister, aunt, friend and pet owner! And a great supporter on HandMadeArtist'sForum

It IS Better Handmade!

ArFire CrazyTrain Rider Acadienne

Our current CrazyTrain Rider is Acadienne  with this very nice welcoming message:
"Bonjour! Welcome to my studio of handmade needlework items, from the divinely lacy and upscale shawls to kitchen items made from readily available cotton yarn. All are made with love and care, and of course the expertise of an extremely experienced needleworker." She does do some very nice work. 
I love this Light Green and Pastel Pink Ruffled Scarf  One of my favorite color combinations, besides blue.
Of course I have to add this lovely Hand Crocheted Shawl in Shades of Blue made with Fair Trade Cotton Yarn
I'd also like to add that Acadienne has "Traditions made New" under her shop name on the banner,  I have to agree!
On to our littlesister/littlebrother tag-a-longs:
WhystleStop with handmade soap in scents for women, men, unisex, and unscented along with whipped shea butter, although I think this Handmade Sea Salt Sp[a Unscented Soap sounds pretty interesting.
HippiesCreations with a large assortment of crocheted items and I just love this Newborn Twinkle Star Afghan, How very clever this is!
TheSunnysideBiz with Sea Glass & Marble jewelry, shoulder bags & purses, OOAK Clothing, pillows & covers, items for the kitchen & accessories.......Most of the purses are made with denim, from mostly denim to just a little, like this lovely  Summer Denim Shoulder Bag with Large Quilted Garden Pocket
This really is one of my favorite parts about handmade creations, 4 different people, with very different items, 2 of which do crocheting &/or knitting, similar but completely different items.  Unique creations!

Wow - about 2 weeks ago I had over 1300 unread e-mails, I'm now down to about 170! No, I'm not reading every one of them, some get deleted without even being opened, but I have read about half of them!
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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

ArtFire CrazyTrain Rider 3DDoodles

What a great name for a jewelry studio!   If you think about, putting jewelry together is sort of like doodling! You will find lace and beaded necklaces, earrings, bracelets, anklets, lanyards and section titled Lemonade Line in 3DDoodles studio.

This stunning Necklace Upcycled Focal Black is from the Lemonade line.

3DDoodles makes some very pretty lace necklaces such as this very lovely Lace Necklace White Lace and Pearls the perfect necklace for a summer evening out or even for a special bride!

lo I just got some new boots (Yes, in May, they were 50% off!) that this pretty Bracelet /Anklet/ Boot Bracelet Thelma would look very nice on with it's rose quartz, pink glass pearls, and frosted beads.

Very nice 3DDoodles, don't you think?

(Thankfully blogspost saves what's written when my computer goes wacky, which it did right about here!)

Littlesister/littlebrother tag-a-longs:

ChristieCottage, with a wide assortment of creations, pillows, dolls, headbands, coasters, cards, and more such as this cute Felted Pouch

GlassandWireGems with a nice assortment of jewelry including Accessories for men such as this Blue Dichoric Glass Tie Tack Note: the cool cuff links are sold separately.

SensualScentsations where you will find a nice assortment of items to pamper yourself such as Shea Body Butter,  Exfoliating Body Scrubs, Soap Scrubs, Coffee Scrubs, Bath Bars, Soy candles and more, ah this sounds too scrumptious Oranges & Cream Whipped Shea Body Butter

It really is better handmade!

My apologies for missing a few riders, I was a bit under the weather the past 5 days or so.
Oh boy do I need a new computer! 
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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

ArtFire CrazyTrain Rider StainedGlassWV

Glass, Yes, I love glass.  I think I fell in love with glass when I was pretty young and we were on our way to a restaurant in a small town off the back road to Santa Fe.  On the way, there is a house with all sorts of bottles hung from the wooden picket fence. 
I love stained glass creations.  StainedGlassWV from Culloden, WV  has some pretty cool pieces in her categories: Twirlers, Stained Glass Art, Wooden Box Art, Glass Coasters, Weddings, Framed Photography, Supplies.
I love this Hummingbird 3D StainedGlass Mobile Twirler 

and this 3D Dresden Quilt Block Stained Glass Twirler

Oh, this Sleeping Bunny Baby Stained Glass Suncatcher is too cute!

StainedGlassWV has some very unique pieces, and if you need some supplies to make your ownstained glass creations,  you can get that too!  Oh yeah, everything is 15% off right now!

Littlesister/littlebrother tag-alongs:

OnPens&Needles, where you will find: Pens, Baby items, jewelry/keychains, scrapbooking & paper items, ecofriendly, woodwork, personal or home items, precut quilt pieces and seasonal items. This Handmade Pen Slimline Style would make a great gift for that special graduate in your life.  Or for yourself!

JuliesTreasures an awesome array of handmade soap, bath salts, cards, lip balms, perfume solid & roll on, soap w/no detergents, soy wax melts & sugar scrubs.  My dad used to tell me to always do something nice for myself everyday.  Sometimes just a simple bath can become a treat with handmade soaps like this All Natural Lemon & Orange Scented Soap.

Micah5Five with a huge assortment of jewelry and photography too!  And Gift Certificates. Oh yes, and headbands, for women and babies too, like this pretty Soft Pink and Ivory Flower Infant Headband.  It sort of reminds me of a peace rose.

What a great collection of handmade creations today. and you don't even have to leave your soft comfy couch to go shopping!
Thanks so much for dropping in and have a great day!
Would love to hear from you, let me know what you think.

The past couple of days have  been bizarre!  Yesterday, I had an appointment on the far east side of the city. No buses that run Nth & Sth, on that street, so I had to take one that runs east  that far, that came fairly close and walked the rest of the way - about a 10 minute walk.(2 buses & 1.5hrs!!) Did a few other things before going home.  I could not get my left contact out - went to the ER! Seriously!  Well, they said they couldn't see it. (I swear it was!!!)  Went home & tried again .  After a while I realized it wasn't in my eye any more!  I don't know where it is though!
Today, a nice young woman eye Dr. told me  "I have good news, your contact isn't in your eye"  That is NOT good news, I don't know where it is!!!!  My eye is very irritated, was worse last night, and that makes doing close up work, & writing a little tricky as my right eye doesn't work as well for close up! lo -

Monday, May 14, 2012

ArtFire CrazyTrain Rider Prairiesoy

Prairiesoy, where you will find jar candles in different sizes, and even a bit of soap. I love candles, they help brighten up those cold winter days, and can even make our houses smell nice too! Put them out for a nice summer evening on the patio, add a touch of romance anywhere anytime. 

I don't think I've ever seen a Coca-Cola Scented Soy Candle before, but you can find one at Prairiesoy

When I saw this one I thought ok, what does a Hummingbird Scented Candle smell like?
Wow - it's a combination of: tart kiwi, lilac, tiger lily, with pineapple and pears, sounds delightful!

And for the kid in all of us, this adorable Pink Puppy Soap Bubblicious Scented Goats Milk

One of the really cool things about these soy candles, they come in neat little jars, that you can wash out and use the jar for something else! 

Our littlesister/littlebrother tag-alongs:

PattyAnn with an eclectic collection of vintage treasures, books & instruments, craft supplies, and even a few items she has created. This Cattails and Flowers Embroidery Heat Transfer is pretty cool.

BeadSouk with bead supplies in smaller packs, and some of her own creations. Love this Teardrop Shape Snow Flake Obsidian Pendant

JillsTreasureChest with some pretty ceramic creations and a bit of jewelry too.  This pretty Ceramic Creamer with Hand Painted Bluebells, is still one of my favorites

Uniquely yours in handmade
 I do appreciate you  stopping by and have a wonderful day.

Friday, May 11, 2012

ArtFire Crazy Train Rider MastRpieces Unlimited

There are many crafts I have tried throughout the years, some work out for me, and some don't.  One of those that I really struggle with, is polymer clay.  I truly admire those artisans that can create nice looking beads, covered boxes, ornaments, and other cool things out of this wonderful material.  Oh I can create beads, and other things with it, but they are not so pretty like MastRpieces Unlimited's pieces.
Look at the details in these Kaleidoscope Round Pillow Beads, it's work like this that just amazes me.

and another pair of Kaleidoscope Round Pillow Beads, aren't these gorgeous?

Oh, you want a necklace, earrings or a pendant that's already put together?  You can get that too, such as this lovely Teal Polymer Clay Necklace at MastRpiecesUnlimited, check it out!

littlesister/littlebrother tag-alongs
Acadienne with some very nice knitted and crochet items for bath, baby, women, kitchen, and I love these Womens Knitted Tube Socks in Red & Green Stripes

thesunnysidebiz with shoulder bags & purses, one of a kind clothing, jewelry & accessories, pillows and covers, in the kitchen, sea glass treasures,  such as this very cool  Sea Glass and Shark Tooth Copper Wire Wrapped
(nice picture too!)

Melekdesigns with a great assortment of jewelry, necklaces, earrings, sets, bracelets, beaded watch bracelets, anklets, & lanyards.  I really like this very pretty  Flower Trio Wire Wrapped Pendant Chain Necklace

Check out some or all of these wonderful studios, for some great handmade creations.  Be Unique, wear something unique.

My apologies to the previous rider JustATish, another cool jewelry artisan, I was a bit under the weather the past few days.
As always, thanks so much for stopping by and have a wonderful day!
I've got lots of cleanning to do - my daughter & 2 grandkids are going to be here this evening!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Handmade Artists Featured Artist Jewelry By Janelle

Jewelry By Janelle

Purple Heart Donut Necklace

Have you ever gone to an arts & crafts fair and picked up a wood box and it felt like you holding sandpaper in your hand? Me too, and even if the item is well made otherwise, if it isn't finished well, it goes back on the table pretty quick.

But, that is not what you will find with these beautiful wood pendants by Jewelry by Janelle.

I love wood. Besides the beauty of wood, I enjoy the tactile quality of a well finished piece of wood.

Zebra Wood Donut Necklace

Pink Ivory Wood Teardrop Pendant

It's still listed, but I'm going to go buy this as soon as I get done posting this.
I apologize, I did go buy it!
When I wear this wonderful Ebony wood teardrop pendant by Janelle, I can't help but reach up and touch it now and then, to rub my fingers over the smooth finish, to feel the care that went into this exquisite piece of wood.  These pendants are made of some very special wood by a very special lady who was one of the early members of Handmade Artists Forum.  Unfortunately, we lost Janelle way too early in her life.  Another member, Trusk4U has set up this shop with the few items that remain in her store Hollyhocks llc in Mebane, NC.  All the pendants are on sale for 50% off.  A great bargain for these beautifully hand turned wood pendants.
I always have a hard time doing posts for Jan, I never personally met her, but I considered her a friend, and she is missed.  At the same time, I celebrate her, and the wonderful talent she had.

As, always, thank you so much for coming by and I'd love to hear what you think. Yes, I do moderate comments. But, that means no captchas!
Have a wonderful day.

Monday, May 7, 2012

ArtFire CrazyTrain Rider Creative By Default

I love the shops name, Creative By Default, by Emma, a young woman in Pittsburg, PA who is interested in "making jewelry, sewing, Josh Groban, Kimono and Japanese culture, Legend of Zelda, cosplay and anime, Gotye, Doctor Who, Coldplay, Dungeons and Dragons, roleplay, cats, horses, dragons"... and she makes some pretty cool jewlery.

Like these Silver Chain Earrings

and this Victorian Vanity Bracelet
I admit, this is probably the 1st time I've seem something like this (doesn't mean it doesn't happen tho) Broken Beads Need Love Too Bracelet stating that she hates to through away broken beads, I know just how she feels.  I think she pulled it off pretty well!
For our littlesister/little brother tag-alongs, past ones are featured in 2 great collections
I hope you can take a moment to go visit the collections and leave a comment, maybe we'll actually make it to one of the featured collections.

However, I'd like to feature a few of Andreas Designs who does so much work keeping this crazy train running smoothly!
This Handmade Knit Shawl The Golden Fields is gorgeous.
It looks so soft, I'd love to wrap that  around me just about anytime!
Since warmer weather is here, thought I'd include this White Summer Handmade Knit Shawl
I really appreciate all the hard work Andrea of Andrea Designs does for us.
As always, I do appreciate you stopping by,  I love comments, even if do moderate them  It keeps the you know what out! Starts with an S - if I write it out, it seems as though I get slammeed with it!
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