Wednesday, May 16, 2012

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Glass, Yes, I love glass.  I think I fell in love with glass when I was pretty young and we were on our way to a restaurant in a small town off the back road to Santa Fe.  On the way, there is a house with all sorts of bottles hung from the wooden picket fence. 
I love stained glass creations.  StainedGlassWV from Culloden, WV  has some pretty cool pieces in her categories: Twirlers, Stained Glass Art, Wooden Box Art, Glass Coasters, Weddings, Framed Photography, Supplies.
I love this Hummingbird 3D StainedGlass Mobile Twirler 

and this 3D Dresden Quilt Block Stained Glass Twirler

Oh, this Sleeping Bunny Baby Stained Glass Suncatcher is too cute!

StainedGlassWV has some very unique pieces, and if you need some supplies to make your ownstained glass creations,  you can get that too!  Oh yeah, everything is 15% off right now!

Littlesister/littlebrother tag-alongs:

OnPens&Needles, where you will find: Pens, Baby items, jewelry/keychains, scrapbooking & paper items, ecofriendly, woodwork, personal or home items, precut quilt pieces and seasonal items. This Handmade Pen Slimline Style would make a great gift for that special graduate in your life.  Or for yourself!

JuliesTreasures an awesome array of handmade soap, bath salts, cards, lip balms, perfume solid & roll on, soap w/no detergents, soy wax melts & sugar scrubs.  My dad used to tell me to always do something nice for myself everyday.  Sometimes just a simple bath can become a treat with handmade soaps like this All Natural Lemon & Orange Scented Soap.

Micah5Five with a huge assortment of jewelry and photography too!  And Gift Certificates. Oh yes, and headbands, for women and babies too, like this pretty Soft Pink and Ivory Flower Infant Headband.  It sort of reminds me of a peace rose.

What a great collection of handmade creations today. and you don't even have to leave your soft comfy couch to go shopping!
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The past couple of days have  been bizarre!  Yesterday, I had an appointment on the far east side of the city. No buses that run Nth & Sth, on that street, so I had to take one that runs east  that far, that came fairly close and walked the rest of the way - about a 10 minute walk.(2 buses & 1.5hrs!!) Did a few other things before going home.  I could not get my left contact out - went to the ER! Seriously!  Well, they said they couldn't see it. (I swear it was!!!)  Went home & tried again .  After a while I realized it wasn't in my eye any more!  I don't know where it is though!
Today, a nice young woman eye Dr. told me  "I have good news, your contact isn't in your eye"  That is NOT good news, I don't know where it is!!!!  My eye is very irritated, was worse last night, and that makes doing close up work, & writing a little tricky as my right eye doesn't work as well for close up! lo -

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