Monday, May 7, 2012

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I love the shops name, Creative By Default, by Emma, a young woman in Pittsburg, PA who is interested in "making jewelry, sewing, Josh Groban, Kimono and Japanese culture, Legend of Zelda, cosplay and anime, Gotye, Doctor Who, Coldplay, Dungeons and Dragons, roleplay, cats, horses, dragons"... and she makes some pretty cool jewlery.

Like these Silver Chain Earrings

and this Victorian Vanity Bracelet
I admit, this is probably the 1st time I've seem something like this (doesn't mean it doesn't happen tho) Broken Beads Need Love Too Bracelet stating that she hates to through away broken beads, I know just how she feels.  I think she pulled it off pretty well!
For our littlesister/little brother tag-alongs, past ones are featured in 2 great collections
I hope you can take a moment to go visit the collections and leave a comment, maybe we'll actually make it to one of the featured collections.

However, I'd like to feature a few of Andreas Designs who does so much work keeping this crazy train running smoothly!
This Handmade Knit Shawl The Golden Fields is gorgeous.
It looks so soft, I'd love to wrap that  around me just about anytime!
Since warmer weather is here, thought I'd include this White Summer Handmade Knit Shawl
I really appreciate all the hard work Andrea of Andrea Designs does for us.
As always, I do appreciate you stopping by,  I love comments, even if do moderate them  It keeps the you know what out! Starts with an S - if I write it out, it seems as though I get slammeed with it!
Have a great day!


Yankee Burrow Creations said...

those shawls are absolutely beautiful! and the broken beads bracelet is a great idea.

lisianblue Kris said...

Hi Debbi, you are so great about coming by and leaving a comment, really appreciate your support!

Aylin Yildiz said...

These are some great pieces indeed! I am following you with great interest. If you are into creative art, then take a look at my blog:

lisianblue Kris said...

Aylin - thak you! It is really nice to know that someone besides our Handmade communiy on HAF is folling and taking a look at my posts. You have a very nice blog, some great creative writing.