Tuesday, August 31, 2010


The moving process continues - after it was off for a bit.  Hours away from loading up the truck the end of July, everything fell apart - no truck, people couldn't come due to the new time caused by the truck being returned to the dealer late..........................So, I'm settling back into my apt,  bought a screen door, a ceiling fan, and went into the apt office several times to request the door and fan be installed, and inquired about my new lease................2 weeks later the fan was still sitting on my living room floor, I had installed the screen door, and the lease had not been signed because, well I don't know, the young woman who was in charge of doing the leases never called me to let me know it was done.  Meanwhile I found out I will probably need to have surgery on my right shoulder due to a tendon tear where it attaches, and my daughter, asked me once again to move to Colorado Springs..........................................and only because the lease had not been signed, I'm able to do so.  Items that have been packed, unpacked, packed, unpacked, are now being packed again.  Fortunately, not everything went through the packing, unpacking, packing, unpacking - but I had quite a bit unpacked from the July fall out.  Every time things got packed, or unpacked I seemed to get  more organized, more things went other places, and so the packing process has been easier this time around.   Then, my daughter called me last week and asked me to come up to Colorado for about a week to help her out, and then we would go back to Alb. pack me up and return to Co.   She just moved a few months ago and is still trying to get her place together - but all my stuff including me will have to be here until Oct 1 when I can get a place of my own.
After my early morning arrival on Sat, I took a short nap and later in the day we journeyed over to Manitou Springs where a music festival was occurring - a number of  artisans had booths and so we wandered around these for a bit before heading off to the brick and mortar stores.
  We came to a booth with some repurposed vintage pieces,  a delightful mix of vintage/steampunk,  some wirewrapping and  their creator, Valerie.  ONe piece in particular really caught my daughters eye, and although it was a reasonable $36. it was still more than either of us felt like we could spend - since my move will have to be paid for soon - the more we talked to Valerie, and she commented on the pendant I was wearing I then asked her if she didn't sell the necklace is she would be willing to tuck it away and perhaps we could do a trade later.  She picked up the necklace and handed it to me with the agreement that I create a piece similar to the one I was wearing in different colors.  Oh yeah, Valerie already knew I am in the process of moving, so getting this piece created may not happen for a month (or more), but was fine with that.  I am honored that she trusts me to keep my end of the bargain so that my daughter could have something special in her sort of crazy world right now! Thank you Valerie!! 
All pieces shown are by Valerie from her etsy shop Roses Creativity

One of my my favorites is this "The Key to Reds" necklace - believe me the picture does not do this cool necklace justice!  I'm  actually kind of surprised to see it's still available.
I'm still in a bit of shock that this woman just handed me the necklace with compassion for my daughter, I mean seriously, I could be someone who won't make good on the swap, but I will, in fact, I can hardly wait to create her pendant...............but everything is 400 miles & days away  - and once we get to Alb, it's going to be all about packing - with moments of creativity.

Serendipity - indeed!

Have a wonderful day and thanks for stopping by. Please go visit Roses Creativity too!! :)