Thursday, October 23, 2014


"They" say necessity is the mother of invention,  and I need a new coat.  And so, my "crazy quilt" blue jean coat is being created.  It's not done yet, but I thought I'd share what I do have done.
I found this pattern probably over a year ago, and have been hanging on to it waiting to find just the right material for it.   It's really cool, it's about knee length in front and gets longer in back.  It also gets very full at the bottom.  Now, I'm sure I could find just the right material for it, but I had this idea that it would be fun to make it out of used blue jeans cut up and then pieced together!!  And about now you're questioning my idea of fun, right!!   Me too!!
I've taken pictures of all the pieces and the piecing process, but I won't bog this down with all of them.

The front consists of 3 pieces, and the back has a total of 6!   Instead of piecing together a few large pieces together to make a larger piece of material, I've taken each pattern piece and laid out pieces on it to more or less fit.

The picture above is of what I pieced together to get the 1 pattern piece to the left.

 Left Back
 Right Front
 Left Front
Right Back

And my living room is a big mess!

So I still have the sleeves to make, but I do have the back and fronts sewn together.  I was going to take pictures but, honestly I have a very hard time disturbing this:

This is Jaz Cat curled up into my leg sleeping quite peacefully.

I'm thinking this would make a very cool dress!! Total material needed is 4 3/8 yd of 60" wide.    I already have the buttons, so the only thing I needed was the lining (fleece-on sale) and 2 spools of thread (also on sale).  So, for about $23.00 I'll have myself a "new" coat!

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Ok, I wrote the above last night, but took pictures today and here is the sewn together fronts & backs.   ALL of the seams are top stitched, so it took a while to do the seams of the actual patterned pieces.
 I did some measuring too, the bottom of the coat is 186" around!!!! The front is 33" long & the back is 45".   The lengths will change as I finish it.

Hopefully the sleeves will get done today.

Have a great day!

Friday, October 17, 2014

IT'S GETTING TO BE THAT TIME AGAIN..........................

For nice soft warm cozy hats that is!
I admit it, I love hats!  That's one of the fun things about being able to knit & crochet, I have 3 ( lo 4 or 5) of my own for winter with another 2 in the plans!  It's nice to have a variety.

A few kids hats......................
These kids hats are made on order, as these have been donated to a children's cancer center.  All 3 made with soft 1005 acrylic yarn.

 I love the way this little one turned out.  Kind of proud of myself for figuring out the flower without a pattern.
 This blue one is Two Blues With Stripes and Swirls

Green & White Earflap Hat

 Of the adult hats,  my favorite ones are these made with Lion Brand Homespun yarn, soft & bulky.
I have one like this Women's Green Hat with a Flower, and I'm always getting compliments on it.  I love the colors available in this yarn.

This Orange Melon 20's Style Cloche is a fun one to wear, although not in orange for me. Fortunately other colors are available!!

And if you have lots of hair or just want a looser fit, this Slouchy Beret  is pretty comfy.
Other colors are available for this one too.  
For the hats, measure around your head , and from the top middle to just below your ear. - and if you want it longer so you can cuff it up, let me know that too.
Most of the hats can be made in different sizes, so if your size isn't listed, just let me know and I will gladly make one just for you.
Want a different style? Let me know and we can work together to make one that's just right for you.

I don't use wool though.  I'm highly allergic to the the wonderful stuff, so all of my hats are usually 100% acrylic.  These last 2, and the kids hats are made with Simply Soft acrylic yarn.

Visit my shop lisianblue on Handmade Artists to see what I have.
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Saturday, October 4, 2014


Really?  Who thinks of these things?
However our dear Monika, creator of  some wonderful mosaic artwork and her studio, MyEuropeanTouch at HandMadeArtists came up with a highlight covering the colors one might find in a taco!! Love it!
Here's the National Taco Day Highlight
and to give you a sneak peak, here are some of the items featured.
Pretty Sunny Yellow Headband by IKnitQuiltSew

So cute Fingerless Crocheted Monster mitts! by TheCrochetChick

A very nice Fall Quilted Table Topper by PatchworkMountain

A very lovely China Mosaic Cake Dome by MyEuropeanTouch who will also gladly work with people on a custom order, as most of the artisans do.

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