Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I have to make this short - in the midst of trying to get everything packed - loading up the truck this sunday, leaving Monday - my computer crashed - big time - as in there is no data left on it - or well maybe I should word that differently - tried uploading Vista - but it won't boot up - and doing so also formatted the disc which basically erased everything - a whole lot of pics - there were some really awesome pictures on there that I won't be able to duplicate - but the ones I am so sad about are the ones of my kiddos - can't redo those - can't go back in time to recapture them -
I KNOW that I should have backed up the files - it was on my list of things to do this week! hahahahaha - so all I can say is - if you haven't backed up your files - do so.
Here's the other problem, I bought my computer 3 yrs ago, it was a store demo and for some reason I didn't get a disc with it! so I am off to try to get a disc from  the company and see if I can at least do something with  it!
so, I gotta get back to packing - take care of  yourself, have a wonderful day, and I'll be back off and on!
Fortunately this was on the HAF blog site - but super reduced - going to try to enlarge it somehow eventually! but I had a whole series of about 8 of this tree that was frozen - this may be the only pic I will be able to salvage of them!
Love ya all!