Sunday, April 29, 2012

Crazy Train Rider On Pens & Needles

For some reason, I was thinking I had done a post for OnPens&Needles not too long ago, but I think this awesome shop was one of the littlesisters.
Appropriately named, this cool shop has some great pens, baby items, scrapbook supplies, personal & home creations, and even some woodwork - and more!

I  love the pens in this shop, but this White Marble Tru Stone Pen one is my absolute favorite.

If you have a little one that cries on and on in their car seat, you may want to try a set of Seat Belt Covers these would make any car seat prettier for your precious baby and they wouldn't have those silly straps rubbing up against their tender skin.

June weddings are just around the corner, and these adorable Bride & Groom Scrapbook Embellishments would make a great addition to a wedding scrapbook.

These are just a few of the great items in OnPens&Needles awesome shop.

The littlesister/littlebrother tag-alongs:

LovelyThings this Lavender Peacock Cape is quite lovely.

BeadSouk has a large collection of jewelry supplies along with some hand crafted jewelry such as this beautiful Black Obsidian Teardrop Pendant

Many Horses Jewelry Supply has a great collection of jewelry supplies and some lovely items that can be used as is and handcrafted ones as well - Check out this lovely Shawl Pin Ring of Fire

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