Thursday, March 19, 2009

Rainbow Creations

My Rainbow Easter Egg Ornament for this weeks theme on Thursday SweetTreat.

Want to see a lot of wonderful creations all on one blog post?

Go to - to see this weeks entries based on Vibrant Chaotic Rainbows!

Some wonderful works of art, paintings, clothes, bags, fish, jewelry, a mug (an awesome mug), all sorts of wonderful colorful creations.

Thank you Natasha for doing such a wonderful job of putting this all together, and your awesome support for your fellow artists!

Title links to Thursday Sweet Treat.


Marie Antionette said...

Its soooooooo pretty.Your eggs are wonderful Hon.I love them.Hugs Marie Antionette

lisianblue said...

OH Thank You Marie Antionette!
the rainbow theme was a good one - got me away from the flowers for a while! hehe
so nice to have you visit my dear Marie.