Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Some of you may know already know that I have a thing for bunnies.   I started making bunnies when my grandson was about 3, he's 14 now and has 3, and wanting another one, but  a very specialized one.  Really!
My oldest granddaughter who is only 4, was recently diagnosed with Leukemia, fortunately the curable kind.  But, she still has to go through hell to get it done.  I decided she deserves and just may need a special bunny, so that's what I did.  My sweet little Evie loves pink, and she can often be found with a pink dress on, with ruffles around the bottom playing with cars!  When it comes to dressing, she is ALL  girl! Here is Evie's bunny
 I know that Evie often just wears her clothes when she goes in for treatments, but I thought it may be fun to make a "hospital gown" for the bunny, only this one does a good job of covering up parts it should cover!  Evie usually wears leggings under her dresses, so I thought it was only right the bunny should at least have bloomers.

The white with pink polka dot rompers  are an item I came up with many years ago, by sewing the bloomers to the  dress bodice top.
This one has gathers in the bodice, not something I often do, but I wanted this to be a special bunny with special outfits.
I have a dress for her in the works, hopefully it will be done soon.
I gave the bunny to her about 2 weeks ago, but still needed to take pictures of it, so she gave it back to me so I could do so!  What a sweety!
For  various reasons, I wasn't able to give it back to her  until yesterday. Mom and Evie came by for just a few minutes and both remained in the car.  I sat in the back seat with her and handed it to her, she hugged  and snuggled up to it, and was sound asleep within minutes.  Her hug and snuggle was thank you enough!

The other bunny is for my other sweet 3 yr-old granddaughter, Namine'.  This bunny is  special too.   It's made from one of my Dad's robes!  All 3 grand kids will have one now.  I'd post pics of the other 2, but they were on my computer that I no longer have access to.

The white on the feet is from the arms of the robe, I sewed some "fancy" stitches on it  to add something a little extra special, and the white part needed some reinforcing .

Unfortunately, I won't be able to see her get the bunny as I will be mailing it to her.  Hopefully mom or dad will take a few pictures!
So, these are my bunnies for my special girls.  They're so fun to make!

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Debbi Huntington said...

those are some really cute bunnies. I made one for my granddaughter when she was about 3. she is now in her 30's and a mother herself. I bet she still has that bunny. :0)

lisianblue Kris said...

Hi Debbi, thank you! I love that pattern and each bunny has it's own personality!

myeuropeantouch said...

Kris they are adorable, love them and I know you made them with the uttermost love.

I have another question, I cant get on the forums, nor the blogs, are we down or have I been banned. Can you try please and let me know, just message me.
Thanks , hugs an d love, Monika

Cari Baker said...

Hi Kris… Sweet Bunny Maker… Yes that’s you! lol Love the bunnies, and I bet your grand daughter will too! Keep up the great work!

Hugs Cari