Tuesday, July 1, 2014


Jewelry, looking for something a bit different than what every store in your local mall carries. If so, I highly recommend Rasmussen Gems & Jewelry LLC on Handmade Artists Shop.  Here, you will find
 jewelry and gemstones  handcrafted in John and Debora's  shop. Debora does the designing and beading necklaces, anklets, bracelets, ear rings, and key chains. John does lapidary to cut the gemstones, metalsmithing (silver and copper) to make the jewelry and wire wrapping.
 If you want a custom design, just send them a message through the shop.. Custom orders are always accepted.  Gem identification and appraisal services are also available. How cool is that?

John isn't your typical self taught lapidary grinding away in the garage type person.  He was educated at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, NY.  He also taught geology for ten years, and after switching careers for a while, he is back to his love of rocks, minerals. and gems.  John has also been educated in Gemology including jewelry design and repair at the International Gem Society, Gemological Institute of America and Penn Foster Career School.

Looking for a cool stone cabochon for a special something you want to create? You will find 6 pages of a variety of stones and cuts including this lovely Mossy Agate Cabochon. Gorgeous!

Or perhaps a classy facet cut? He has those too!  This Citrine Checkerboard Gemstone is amazing!

Besides cutting these beautiful gems and stones, he also makes some very nice jewelry too.  Besides using cast settings, he also does some very nice wire wrapping.  Love this Forest Agate Sterling Silver Pendant.

John's wife Debora, does all the bead design & crafting.  She doesn't make just necklaces, she also makes matching earrings sold with her gorgeous designs. 
This Necklace and Earring Set 1053 really caught my eye. Such wonderful colors!

This very sweet pink Necklace and Earring Set 1034 reminds me of my very sweet granddaughter, Evie.  But, she'll have to wait since she's only 4!

Remember,  Rasmussen Gems and Jewelry LLC also do custom orders as well as gem and stone identification, just send them a message through the shop.

You can also find them on their blog and facebook
Blog: http://rasmussengemsandjewelryllc.blogspot.com/
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Rasmussen-Gems-and-Jewelry/123028303885

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John Rasmussen said...

Thank you very much Kris. We are looking and commenting at about the same time.


Pam Andrews said...

Lovely post and great pieces chosen. I love John's gems.

Debbie Rodgers said...

Great post for John and Debra. Love your choices.

Debbi Huntington said...

what a wonderful feature....great details, and amazing items.

myeuropeantouch said...

Fabulous write up Kris, enjoy everyone...

Teresa Ivey said...

Great post. Mine really short. Hard to find out things about him.

Larissa said...

Just gorgeous!

lisianblue Kris said...

Debbie, Debbi, Monika, Teresa, & Larissa thank you all so much for coming by and leaving such nice comments!

lisianblue Kris said...

I'm bad! Somehow went right over the comments from John & Pam!
That's funny John!
Pam, thank you & yeah I love his gems and stones too!