Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Thunder Rose Leather is  the wonderful creation of Debbie & John who live outside Sedona, Az in a small town called Cornville.
They do old school leather & beadwork,  one piece at a time,  by hand, paying attention to details.   You can order one of their standard items, or they will gladly work with you on a custom design. Most of their work reflects the styles of the old west, western, mountain man, & Native American cultures.  Each piece is unique, practical, and can be enjoyed for many years.  They use primarily Elkskin, but buffalo, deerskin , and deer tanned cowhide & others are available. 

My absolute favorite in their shop is their baby & toddler moccasins, such as these
 Adorable aren't they!! And I know your little one will outgrow them before they outwear them!
 This beaded purse is great for a free spirited person, and will last so long you will be amazed!
 Gorgeous White Buckskin Purse is elegant yet durable.

Know someone who plays a flute?   This Fringed Leather Flute Bag would make a perfect gift to keep a flute safe and handy!

This beautiful Beaded White Deerskin Pouch is  perfect for stashing a few little goodies in  for an evening out, or.......?

They have so many others to chose from too!

Experience the joy of a quality hand made leather purse, pouch, moccasins, etc from Thunderroseleather.  It will last you a life time, and maybe even your kids!

You can also find them at:

Note:  My ex-husband did leather work, I'm still using a purse he made about 40 years ago, and my daughter, still has her little boots he made for her 30 years ago.  Good leather like
Debbie & John use, lasts an incredibly long time. 
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