Saturday, March 17, 2012

ArtFire Crazytrain Rider MBA Engraving

Happy St Patricks Day!
1st a short apology for being remiss in posting - it's been a crazy week.  It has been, but to be honest, I've been dealing with some major depression, and getting anything done has been a monumental task.  Yeah, so it seems like it's lifting a bit, but, I'm not holding my breath!  My daughter & grandkids are going to be here next week (YAY!!!) so I have A LOT to do this week and next week will just be wonderfully crazy!

And on to the  crazytrain rider:  MBA Engraving.  I was expecting to see a bunch of metal items, but no - it's glass! Just my other favorite thing in the world - glass that is! I admnit since I've done a bit  of "etching"  myself, I had to check out the bio. There are a few ways to do this process.   MBA -  Mike & Brian Andews, live in Maine & sandblast the glass in the basement. There are a few ways to do this process.

Here are some of their wonderful creations on glass

This Bass Fish 20 oz Mug a Fishermans Dream Glass would be a great gift for your favorite fisherman, oh yeah father's day isn't that far away, or birthday, graduation, or to say, I love you.!
It also illustrates just how tricky it is to get a good picture of engraved clear glass.   Although, I think the paper has done a good job of setting off the fish.  I've stuffed lots of colored tissue paper in glass to try to get a decent pic.  Good job guys!

And Mother's Day is even closer than Father's day!  Mike & Brian think of the ladies too, with this Mothers Day Vase Personalized, you  add the flowers, candy, or any treat you know mom will love!

LOL I love this Happy Bear Hot Chocolate Mug - guys why didn't you put hot chocolate in it??? (Thinking about next Christmas for one of my grandkids)

If you don't find anything in their shop on  ArtFire, be sure to check out their website,, if you click on Artwork in the right hand corner, you will find lots of art they can put on that special piece of glass just for you!  You can even pick out the font you want for personalization!  How's that for shopping in your pj's with great options for getting the perfect gift for a special person  in your life?
Or maybe someting just for you, after all you're special too!

And, of course I can't forget the littlesister/littlebrother tag alongs:
Fabrics I Love wtih a great assortment of quality fabrics such as this Amy Butler Lark Charisma Blush.  Ah, yes Spring is in the air!!! (YAY!)

Sams Stuff with an eclectic assortment of items from photography, vintage jewelry, bookmarkers, embroidered pillow cases.....................................I love photos of old windows and doorways such as this Photo Print Architectural Detail Savannah Georgia  

Makes you wonder just who haswalked through that door doesn't it!?

and Micah5Five who creates a large assortment of jewlery, for men women, infants, headbands......, figured I'd feature one more for the guys with this Mens Aragonite Indian Stone Necklace, not all jewelry makers make items for the guys.

Check out these awesome shops, and as always thanks for stopping by and wishing you the very best day.

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