Saturday, April 4, 2009

Spring Delights

Every now and then, I come up with one that just sort of out does all the others. I think I do some pretty cool ornaments, but this violet one - is really awesome. The pictures really don't quite capture the beauty of this, and of course it only shows a part of all the violets.

Years ago, a friend of mine starting hanging ornaments around her house. Not all of them, just certain favorite ones. She has some in the windows, a few hanging from ornament stands on a couple of tables, and some in plants. I thought what a neat idea. I don't have as large of a house, in fact I have a one bedroom apt. I now hang a few favorite ones in my livingroom window, and I have few hanging from the ceiling near the heater vent. And as soon as I have some plants outside, I'm going to put some of my small ones out. If they get dirty, that's ok, they are washable.

They really do add a nice decorative touch.

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Phoenyx Ravenswing said...


What a kyool idea! :-) I think I may just have to start doing that myself. A similar thing that I'm already doing is that I will hang some of my fancier jewelry pieces as wall art. Helps to keep them safe and decorate the place at the same time! :-D

And what a loverly ornament too!!! :-D Very beautiful & spring-like. :-)

Thank'ee's for sharing! :-)