Sunday, April 12, 2009


It's Sunday evening, and for those of who celebrate Easter, I hope you had a wonderful day. Hope you had a wonderful day even if you don't!:)
I was going to go to a friends today for a get together - bbq, but for some silly reason, it's cold and rainy here today - so it sort of got canceled! Of course, it's supposed to be 70degrees and sunny tomorrow! But, what does this have to do with Allisun's on ArtFire?

Well, because I'm not at my friends, I'm writing about Allisun's! Besides glass, I also have a thing for stones - (just ask my kids about my rock collection!) always have. Allisun's has some pretty cool jewelry, all handmade by her, and she has some very reasonable prices. And, to make it even more enticing, for orders under 13oz, she doesn't charge for domestic US shipping! Mother's day is coming up, as is prom, and then there are those summer birthdays! She's having a sale on all items until Mother's day!!!! Pretty good deal there!!!!

And as usual, the title links to her shop on ArtFire! Check it out!

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