Thursday, April 16, 2009


When I saw the idea for the crazy train promotion in the ArtFire Forum, I thought: what a cool idea - help promote other shops, and other shops help promote you when it's your turn!
An added benefit for me, is seeing all the cool things that people make that I may not have seen otherwise.
3ZArt of Amarillo, Texas makes some really cool light switch covers, mouse pads, coasters, outlet plates, and lampshades.
They all look like they are nicely made, and she will even do custom orders! So, if you have a certain decor and fabric in mind definitely contact 3Z Art and see what the two of you come with! Creativity often goes to new heights when people get together and discuss ideas.
Title of the blog of course goes to her shop!

I think the colors in this one are so wonderful, and love the butterfies.

I tend to think of bathroom decor when I see seahorses! Maybe it's because my mom painted some ceramic seahorses to put in our bathroom when I was young. But, I don't think a mouse pad would have much use in the bathroom - but wouldn't it be fun to have a mouse pad like this. MMMMM maybe I'll ask her to do a switchplate cover in this pattern for me as I have an ocean theme going on in my bathroom!

I'm a big fan of art deco style - and this lamp shade really caught my eye! Now, how cool is that a very unique lampshade, and I'm sure she would be delighted to do a custom one if this or the others ones don't quite fit your decor!

I highly recommend checking this studio out.

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¤~∙3zArt∙~¤ said...

Thanks so much! Keep an eye out for seahorse switch plates in the near future ;-)

-AJ, 3zart