Sunday, April 26, 2009

Wooleycreek Tribal and Ethnic Jewelry

I admit, it's a little late in the day to be starting a blog, but, I had to get photos done while I still had daylight to do them, then there was dinner to make and eat, and then I got lost in the forums for a bit...........................................
While looking through Wooleycreeks items, these really caught my eye! Sort of reminded me of the little leather boots my ex made for my daughter when she was about 1 1/2! I think she still has them.
And that is one of the really cool things about leather - it lasts forever!! These would make the cutest baby gift - and little moccasins look so cute on babies. These would be so cool to receive as a baby shower gift, or after baby is born - No babies around or expected??? Well, there is some pretty cool jewelry in this shop too! title of this post links to the shop. check it out!

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