Thursday, April 30, 2009

CatFluff On ArtFire

Have you ever seen a green kitty?

Me either until I found this cutey! And it's not only green, it's green and pink! Which is even better! Absolutely one of my favorite color combos. And what a fun but very practical kitty this is. This bag is 17" wide x 14" tall - I'm thinking that could hold quite a bit, and the kitty is an outside pocket too! Even more rooom to put all those necessities!

And, I found another seahorse! (YAY for seahorses! :)) only this one is a pillow - oops it's for a pair of seahorse pillows - this is just one of them - That's a totaly awesome price for 2 really cool pillows (16.99) and even tho this lady lives in the Czech Republic - shipping is only $5.00 to the US!
I'm thinking these would be really cute as a wedding present, or for an anniversary gift, or just because someone loves seahorses!!!
She will also do custom orders if you want one of these in a different color! Or something else perhaps.
Catfluff (love that name) - she does have cats, but seems to try very hard to keep the catfluff to a minimum!

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