Sunday, May 3, 2009

Janelson Arts on ArtFire

I wasn't hungry, but now I think I'm craving cupcakes!!!!! And these by Janelson Arts on ArtFire almost look good enough to eat! I saw the strawberry ones first, and then while snooping through this delightful shop, I found these! Happy Birthday cupcakes! I don't know, I think they would be great for a graduation too - say from kindergarten to 1st grade, or maybe even into mid school. But wouldn't they make a great bracelet or necklace for some special little girl to commemorate a special day!

And then these strawberry cupcakes - mmmmmm aren't they yummy looking? Wow - this gets even better - $12.00 for the 3 handmade strawberry cupcake beads, and that includes shipping! YAY! That's a pretty good deal!
These really almost make want to go out and get a bead making kit and try my hand at it! It's actually something I've been wanting to try for some time. Seeing these cute beads, really makes me want to try it even more! Meanwhile, I may just have to get some awesome beads from this shop!
She has lots of really neat handmade glass beads - check it out! blog title links to shop.
Have a great day!

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