Friday, May 29, 2009

I Almost Cried On The Wings of The Butterfly

Several weeks ago while working on a project with a group of second graders and the wonderous Thursday Sweet Treat, I had started 2 different ornaments. Different but in a way the same. They both were supposed to be ornaments with butterflies all over them. I had gotten a couple of butterflies painted on one ornament, and was in the process of drawing another one, and guess I pressed too hard, and broke the ornament.
ok. So, I got another nice clean clear glass ornament, and started in again. Had about 5 butterflies painted on it, and what did I do? Yep, you guesses it - I broke it! The funny part - I don't even remember how that one got broken!
So, then I was thinking, ok, maybe I just shouldn't be doing an ornament for this. And started on a stained glass butterfly, which in the end turned into a mobile with an abstract flower under the butterfly.

Then this week's theme for Thursday Sweet Treat was "On the Wings of the Butterfly" - oh cool, I'll try another ornament. So, I got another nice clean clear glass ornament, a round one this time - the other two had been egg shaped. After spending 4 days off and on painting this one, and then adding some flowers, as the young lady in the poem said, butterflies are important for flowers - and flowers are one of my favorite things in life! First, I thought about doing different flowers, but then I thought Forget Me Nots - as in remember the butterflies, and all they do for us, and in a since a message to take care of our earth!
This particular ornament took more time than usual, as there are a lot of small parts to it, and then little lines to do. I hadn't gotten the antenae on the butterflies yet, but pictures needed to be done. It was cloudy out, but not too bad.
Within minutes, that all changed! It became dark, started raining, thundering, blowing - ok - guess I'm not going to do pictures.
Then yesterday (thursday) I was hanging 2 new butterfly stained glass pieces in my window and hit the vase that the ornament was hanging out on - I put dowels in it, and the ornaments get put on dowels to dry.

CRASH - not only did the butterfly ornament go down, but two other ones that I had been working on.
None of the 3 survived the crash. The other 2 didn't bother me too much, they didn't have much on them.................................but the butterfly one, well as the title says: I almost cried!


The Manic Butterfly said...

Love your ornaments! Want to follow your bl
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lisianblue said...

Hey ManicButterfly: Thank You! - Glad You came by!!! :-) Should be a follow option up above the main title!