Thursday, May 7, 2009

An Afternoon Stroll

I was wondering around the other day, needing to just get out for a bit in the bright warm sun. After a while I was somewhat startled by the sounds near my feet, wondering what it was, I looked down to find this creature with a such a sweet disposition and a kind of smile on it's face.

I wasn't so sure what to make of this interesting creature, but gave it a pet and went on my way.

With wonderment at this odd looking being in my mind, I was thinking about sitting down and letting the shade cool me down a bit. As I sat down, I turned around and saw this very large animal like I had never seen before. He was very large - more than 9ft long and so tall - much taller than me. He didn't seem scarey - just very large, in fact he almost didn't seem to notice me -
I sat there for a bit and watched this large being with his horns and odd shape, and realized he had no tail! This very large being with his long sharp horns seemed to be intently watching something off in the distance that I could not see.
Wondering what was over there, I got up and wandered off.

Now, as I got closer to where the large creature with horns was looking at, I realized what he had been so intently watching and was so still. I stopped dead in my tracks too when I saw what he had seen.
Now, I knew these 2 creatures I'd seen were sort of different than our animals, this one made me think I'd slipped into some twilight zone, and he didn't seem like he was very friendly at all. I wasn't too sure tho, so I walked so very softly a little closer and saw that he had very colorful scales and very large sharp teeth. I stood almost frozen before I was able to come to my senses and back very very slowly away, hoping he had not noticed me.

Wait, a moment, I know I had only gone out for a walk, to enjoy the sun for a bit. But there in the sky was what I thought looked like a fish. Now fish don't belong in the sky, they belong in the water, right. I slowly walked a little closer to get a better look, what a bright shiney fish this was swimming through the sky.

While looking up this wonderous being, I almost bumped right into what I thought must be Medusa come to life! Her hair streaming out behind her she seemed to be riding some magical waves that I could not see. Along beside her was a sort of seahorse dragon looking creature, and now I knew I had to be in some far off land.

This Medusa looking being went on by and I wondered where did I wander too. Maybe the sun was getting to me and I was seeing things, I know I hadn't gone that far.
I must sit and rest for a minute and get my wits about me, these beings are so different, so strange and yet so wonderous.
After a minute I looked down beside me to find these beautiful orange flowers with the sweetest scent. These gorgeous flowers were surrounded by long skinny sharp needles, as if to say "do not touch"! They seemed to bring me back from this other world where I had been. Resting there for a bit, I wondered on home.

Hours later, I woke up and thought, what a strange dream indeed.
Until I looked at the pictures in my camera, and yes there they were - pictures of these wonderous beings I had seen.
Note: not quite what I wanted - but written rather quickly -
These wonderful sculptures are just a few that grace a shopping area here in Albuquerque. They are done by a group of artists (not me) and are for sale. I have more pictures that I will be putting on flickr in the next day or so.


Jenjen © GottaLoveMom said...

Kris - these are amazing!

lisianblue said...

Jenjen - They are amazing aren't they! I just love these sculptures - I am always surprised when I go there with something new!
Glad you visited!

Michelle (mkc photography) said...

I love this post - what a fantastic collection of metal sculpture!

lisianblue said...

Hi Michelle - it is a fabulous collection - there are many more pieces -
I think I need to rethink my angles tho -
So glad you visited!