Wednesday, April 22, 2009


After missing a few days on the Crazy ArtFire Train, I was delighted to go exploring in Silver River Jewelry on ArtFire today. Not only does this artisan make some really cool jewelry, the photos are interesting. (hint hint to me). I had to pick this pink and green rectangular piece, as that color combination is one of my favorites! I even made a quilt top in those colors many years ago.
Oh yeah, sorry, back to Silver River Jewelry in Akron, Ohio. This artisan says that the process of creating jewelry is like a treasure hunt! From finding the perfect combination of stones or beads, manipulating the metal, to digging up an ordinary stone and opening it up to find something beautiful inside.
I may not dig up stones to use in my art - (but I do collect them )- but I can certainly understand the process being like a treasure hunt!

I'm kind of sappy - so one of my other choices has to be this heart! It's a unique reminder to let our love come through to our family, our friends, and even to that stranger on the street that just may need a smile from someone. Just think, everyone who sees this is going to say "love" at least to themself, and maybe it will remind them of all the people who love them just when they need to remember, or to bring an even bigger smile to a newly married bride, and of course to remind the person wearing it, that they are loved.
This saying: "Whimsical Elegance from My Heart and Hands to Yours" is on her avitar! I think that sums up this collection of jewelry quite well.
Silver River Jewelry also does custom orders!!!!! Title links to the shop - check it out - there is some pretty cool handmade jewelry there!
And who will you say "I Love You" to, today?

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