Thursday, April 9, 2009


Besides being a mom to a teenage boy, 2 cats, running a brick and mortar store, Paula of Picard Creative also makes these cool magnets using recycled lids, and she has also been the "instigator" and head conductor of the CrazyTrain on Artfire!

Almost everyone uses magnets for something, mom's putting up artwork on frigs, posting notes of things to do, and what a cool way to send a greeting to someone that probably won't end up in the trash like so many cards do. And they are FUNctional too!

There are many magnets in her shop that I like, so choosing just one or two for the promotion was a bit hard, but since I love "The Wizard of Oz" I chose this one to start!

She has also been quite busy getting this Crazy Train promotion going and keeping us all in line! Go check out her shop, buy a cool handmade magnet for yourself or someone you love. Isn't it so much more fun getting something someone made with their own two hands, that is well made, and not mass produced! I think so.
Title links to her shop!
what are you still doing here????
Check it out!
and have a wonderful day too!


Michelle (mkc photography) said...

Hi Kris! Love this feature today - Glinda the Good Witch cracks me up! I just received THE most beautiful necklace in the mail - WOW, it's even more lovely in person!!! Even my husband was raving over it (and he's not exactly a jewelry fanatic, lol!). Thank you so much - I'm wearing it as we speak :-D I'm off to photograph a fine art glass show for a client, so I'm putting your cards in my camera bag in case anyone asks me about your necklace! Have a wonderful weekend :-D

lisianblue said...

Hey Michelle! oh thank you! Yeah, I think the glass pendants just lose something in photo process - they really need to be seen in real life to be fully appreciated I think. Or maybe a better photographer!
That's awesome your husband was raving over it!
oh how perfect! photographing a fine art glass show! oooooh would love to see pics of that!
Thanks for the awesome comment!