Friday, April 10, 2009


Did I mention that a bunch of us on ArtFire are doing this CrazyTrain promotion! If not, let me explain:
we signed up to have our shop promoted, and promote shops. So each shop gets promoted for 2 days! and everyone who is signed up promotes the shop whose day it is. So, each shop has about -I don't know- 80 or more people promoting it for 2 days!
And, I really have to promote this lady, because she is the one who started it all and is doing a lot to keeping it organized along with another person.

I think it's pretty awesome. Paula makes some really cool magnets - I'm thinking about getting one or two myself. Maybe these. I know someone who just fits the little girl one! And she'd probably really like the strong arm lady one!

So go check them out - buy one or two to tuck into that next birthday card, or mother's day card, you get the picture - or skip the card and just send a magnet! Or better yet, find a really cool handmade card to put it in!

Have a great day everyone!
and of course the title links to her shop!

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