Saturday, October 27, 2012

Weekend Salebration

Yay, it's the weekend!  Why not celebrate with a Weekend Salebration!  so, that's what I'm doing! Enter salebration in the coupon code for 20% off my hats and scarfs in my studio, lisianblue on HandMadeArtists.
I don't have sales very often, in fact, I rarely have a sale - so this is a great time to take advantage of getting a  well made hand crocheted or knitted hat and/or scarf.
I've sold a number of hats and scarves setting up on a fairly busy street in Colorado Springs, everybody that has come by has commented on what a nice job I do with my items.   I'd guess about 8 out 10 people that have stopped, buy a hat or a scarf, and a few have bought both.
 If you are looking for a matching set and I don't have a matching scarf or hat, please leave me a message through the studio and I'm sure I can get one made.  Unless it's a discontinued color or type of yarn, like one of my all time faves, this wonderful light blue yarn used to make this  Light Blue Hand Crocheted Winter Beanie Hat  You can find other awesome hand made winter hats in my Hat Section 

I hear that scarves are the fashion rage this year! I have scarves to match most of my hats and a few others too.  One of my most popular colors is, Fiesta used to make the Colorful Hand Made Winter Scarf it's a luxurious blend of gold, red, blue, green, purple.

Another scarf you will find in  my Scarf Section is this Hand Crocheted Sassy Pink Super Skinny Scarf .  This fun scarf is 1.5" wide and 90" long with 4.5" side fringe.  I have a few other ones similar to this, they also make sexy sashes around the hips, and a fashionable way to keep that cold air conditioning off your neck during the summer .  And, keep it warm in the office during the winter!  Multi-functional fashion accessory!   Belly dancing anyone?  (I've even used mine to keep the sun off my neck!)

I'll gladly discuss any ideas for a custom design,  contact me through my studio.
Thanks so much for dropping by and have a fantastic day.
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I know cooler weather is right around the corner, the ducks are starting to show up. 18 at last count - more to come, I hope!

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