Friday, September 26, 2008

Another Wonderful Etsy Hostie

Her name is Jeanette, but she goes by Maisy! What a fun name! I'm amazed by this wonderfully sweet person and all that she does.
Besides having 2 shops on etsy, she keeps up the blog for HOST, is in the team forum thread giving everyone encouragement where needed, compliments, hugs, short chats, more hugs and some thawks!
From her profile she says this about herself:
"was raised in lush, tropical St Lucia in the Caribbean and I firmly believe that gave me my magpie eye for rich colours and textures. My designs are often inspired just by the materials that I work with and my combinations are intended to bring out the best in the stones, and to be comfortable and unselfconscious for you to wear. "
I love that "magpie eye" description. Magpies are great at finding little jewels. So this seems to be fitting because she does have some pretty jewels in her shop. Maisy resides in Dorset, UK.

Maisy also occasionally visits my flickr page and leaves me some fun comments, I'm not sure how she keeps up with everything she does!

The beautiful long strand of pearls is from her shop. I think those are so elegant -
and the necklace with the different blue beads is from her shop.

That's one of the really cool thing about Maisy's designs, she does simple but nice items that you can wear during the day or night - to more elegant and dressy designs like the long strand of pearls.
Her blog:
And her other blog:

and Host:
Where she does a beautiful job of writing about team members and their shops.

I probably don't do half of what she does, and I can't keep up with it all!
Go, check out her shops - remember Christmas is right around the corner!

Have a wonderful day.


Maura said...

Great post!!! Maisy is fantastic! I've had the opportunity to get some of her beautiful pieces for me and my sis and we both LOVE them!

Anonymous said...

Aw, blue, thank you so much for this wonderful post, (((hugs))). You make me sound like the Bionic Woman tho, haha - I wish I did do everything at 60mph, lol! xo

lisianblue said...

Hi Maura; it's so nice to have you visit! Thank you! I'm sure her jewelry is beautiful! Lucky You and sis!

Miss Maisy - it's because I know you don't go at 60mph that I'm so impressed! And you do such a nice job of keeping up the HOST blog, while making wonderful jewelry and .........................and visit my blog and leave comments!
Thank you!

it's taken me how long to get to another blog?