Friday, September 26, 2008

Support Handmade - Clay Beads

I haven't quite figured out this blogging thing yet - when the best time to post them is, what the best tags are, how long, how short. But, after reading a friends blog I decided to spend a little time doing another blog about her.
Why? Because she's a cool person, and she and her hubby are trying to get into a better situation than they are in! I know I would have an extremely difficult time living in a roach invested place. I realize that living in Florida, that's quite a battle to live without a bunch of roaches!

I also realize that there are alot of things going on with our economy right now - and I just realized I just missed the debate tonight! Maybe they'll recap it on Nightline!

Anyway, there are alot of people out there that aren't struggling - so, it's you Im talking to!

Both Melanie and her husband work. Although he was working at a job that is not his normal work, there were a lot of days that his boss didn't need him - well - yeah he was doing construction work, and I think we all know how that's going right now!

So, he did get a job in his usual line of work this past week, and I sure hope he gets to work A LOT for a long time! But, they could use a little extra help right now. Here's how you can help!

Melanie makes the cutest little clay beads. I know, because I have several sets of her beads.

I think the little pumpkin pie beads are so cute! They would be so unique to add to a place setting for Thanksgiving - and each person would have a little keepsake from Thanksgiving, and just think you've maybe helped someone have a little bit better Thanksgiving. Add them to a centerpiece along with the little Mallow Pumpkin! Need more than 6 pieces of pie? I'm sure she would be happy to make a dozen or more!

Halloween is just around the corner! And so what can you do with spiders, bats and witches hats?? Make earrrings with them! Put them on a bracelet for your little ghoul. Make them into a necklace - give them out as party favors to best costume at your costume party! Put them on a wire ring for a wine glass charm. Use them as part of a decoration.

And then we have that sweet little Mallow Pumpkin! Again, you could do some of same sorts of things with them!

I think all of her items are very reasonably priced for something that she makes by hand. They aren't massed produced, she makes each and every one of these with her own two hands. So, if you can find about 10 bucks to buy some really unique handmade creations it would sure help this very sweet person out! Besides making some adorable clay beads, Mel also works.

Oh yeah, she's also having a drawing for free beads! How do you enter the drawing? By buying something from either one of her shops!

Thanks - sorry it got so long!


Marie Antionette said...

So cute.i love them.i love the pumpkin pie.Hugs Marie Antionette

lisianblue said...

I really like the pumpkin pie ones too! If I actually had people coming over for Thanksgiving, I think I would get them!
Thanks for visiting my blog Marie!

jenscloset said...

Very cute! I can't believe I haven't visited your blog before!

lisianblue said...

I can't believe I missed this before! Well, Jen it's not you aren't busy you know - do appreciate you visiting!