Saturday, August 30, 2008


I did manage to get out the other day and take some pictures. The peace roses are from the bush I planted in my yard about 4 years ago. It is now over 7ft tall. It's doing it's late summer burst of blooms.
I thought there had to be some kind of bird nesting in this wonderful tree that has branches hanging over my yard. The nest is right over the sidewalk up to my apartment - I kept wondering why there was so much bird poop on the sidewalk!

Can you see the baby bird? It's the white spot below the mama bird - kind of look through the triangle of smaller branches. It was out of the nest stretching it's wings - until I walked up the stairs & then it hid in the branches and was very still. I have large pictures of this on my flickr page.
if you aren't familiar with flickr, click on the thumbnail then you can click on all sizes and look at the "original" size - it get's big!
Make sure you come back!
Every now and then I have to play around with the way my page looks. I've always wanted the area that the actual blog goes in to be wider - There's this whole screen there and a whole lot of it was blank. At one time monitors were smaller - and well yeah some people may be looking at the internet on cell phones. I don't know how anyone can see much on those anyway - so we're going with the theory that most people really do most of their surfing with at least a regular size monitor.
So, having said that - if my page is doing weird things on your monitor - please let me know and I will try to remedy it. If people are having to use the bottom slide bar to view my blog - well that's not good. I doubt that anyone or too many people will have this problem though. I hope not!

I missed being able to blog yesterday. I had to write a letter to an organization that I receive some of my medical case management services through. My case manager wrote me a letter stating that she had been trying to contact me - but hadn't been able to - and set up an appointment for me at such & such date & time - if she didn't hear from me by then, then I would be dropped as a client.
Wow - this person just didn't show up for our last appointment. Didn't call to cancel. And the last time she did call was the day after we were supposed to meet - on July 11th.
The thing is, we are supposed to meet about every 3 months. She has either not shown up or has called and rescheduled pretty much every one of the initial appointments. She usually makes it on the 3rd or 4th try. Kind of irritating after a while. I have to make sure I'm home, and not be on the phone, and arrange my whole day around these meetings - and then to have her just not show up - it's irritating. I understand emergencies happen. But, every time we had an appointment set up?
And then a few other things happened, and she made a comment to me that someone in her position really had no business making to me - which I certainly would have discussed with her at our next appointment which should have been on June 1oth. But she didn't show up.
She called on the 11th while I was out and left a message saying she'd like to explain what happened on the 10th. Ok - well gee - she didn't even call on the 11th until after I had left a note for her at her office.
And then I get a letter from her with a big fat lie about trying to contact me.

So I wrote a letter to her supervisor.

She could have written me a letter saying she was sorry she missed our last appointment and yes she would remove me as a client which I had requested in my note to her on the 11th. and it all would have been cool.

But, when "professional" people just out right lie about calling when they haven't - just makes me very upset. I have an answering machine. I have caller Id. No messages and no phone calls showed up my caller ID since the 11th of July.

So, now that I went on and on about this. I'll do a separate blog about HOST.


Maisyh said...

I do hope you manage to sort out a more efficient case manager - grrrr - lovely rose and bird pics tho :)

lisianblue said...

Thanks Maisy - Im sure it will get straightened out!
I'm not really angry about it all -it's just irritating to have to deal with it - when I really wanted to do other things - like hang out in the forums and chat with everyone! and write my blog about HOST!and get listings ready.........
thanks for the compliment on the pics!