Wednesday, August 27, 2008


not something I have really felt a lot of in my life. Not that I have always felt the opposite - just not always hopeful.
Is it possible to give others hope?
I think so.
I don't believe in just bailing people out of situations. I admit there were times as an adult that I had to borrow money to get things like a set of tires, or some food now and then.
But sometimes we all need a little help - in a variety of ways.
I am so impressed as I have gotten to know a little more about some of the people who are members of HOST.
There are young mom's with young children, many with health problems - mom and or the kids - but are trying to add to the family income by making some wonderful items and trying to sell them - mostly on etsy. There are older women, some with health problems trying to add to their meager income by making some wonderful things and trying to sell them on etsy. But, these people have come together to form a team that have set up a shop that they donate items to and this money goes to help other etsians. The recipients don't have to be a member of HOST to get some help. Some recipients have become HOST members after getting through the rough spot and are back on their feet, and donate items and money to HOST. One thing they all are: wonderful people who want to help out others.
These people give me hope.
And so here are a few pictures of some items currently in the HOST shop.
Bath Mitt by
A bath mitt - I love those scrunchy things - but I think a hand crocheted bath mitt would be awesome - and you can wash it! unlike the scrunchy thingys. don't you hate it when you've got the soap in hand but you have to go searching for your washcloth! you could just keep it on your hand! What an idea!

Best Friends Scarf by
I'm not sure why she calls it "Best Friends Scarf" - maybe because it's something you could give your best friend. I love that fringe.
Both of these ladies do some very nice handwork.
Be sure to visit HOST - you will find some really nice handmade items there. It's never too early to shop for Christmas and hey - what could be better than giving your loved ones something unique and handmade. or birthdays, or just because - or for yourself!
I love getting presents that are handmade - even if the person didn't make it themself - I know at least one of my kids isn't the craftiest person in the world - but thats cool because she can do physics instead! And my other one - he's going to design some great houses someday.
Wow - you get a wonderful unique item, and help out at least one person - maybe more, kind of makes you feel all warm inside doesn't it!
your still here?


fringe said...

What a lovely segment. I feel very much the same as you about the idea behind HOST. I only just discovered this wonderful group a few days ago and felt compelled to contribute in my small way.

I feel that those of us who have struggled or are struggling now can have the most compassion and understanding about what it feels like to need help. Perhaps that's the reason many of these incredible people decided to join HOST even as they struggle in their own personal lives.

To answer your question about the name "Best Friend Scarf"...a very dear friend requested these colors for this scarf and so I named it after her :). And yes, hopefully whoever purchases it will know they are being a "best friend" to a special and needy someone.


threemuses said...

Wonderful post on a wonderful group of people. I'm honored to be part of HOST. The support that HOST provides is more than just financial. When the group started last December, members helped many who were trying to get through winter depression - including me. The HOST members are some of the most thoughtful and generous people I know.

lisianblue said...

Dennice - thank you for calling this long winded blog lovely.
Your scarf is lovely.

threemuses - I know I may not have stressed that - that often the needed help has been someone to talk to - or to help figure out what may help out with setting up a shop on etsy.

Whatever the need is - this group seems to find a way to help out - sometimes helping to find resources, listening, ...........

thank you both for visiting my blog and leaving such nice comments.