Thursday, August 14, 2008

New Christmas Ornaments & Boxes

I decided to make some little boxes for my ornaments other than the decorated 6 - sided gift boxes.

These boxes are just simple boxes made out of posterboard with wrapping paper adhered to it.

Each box is individually measured - (thinking of making a template) - then cut out and scored. Then I glue the paper to it and fold it and glue the side edge and bottom edge. They're still a bit rough - but am figuring out what I'm doing wrong.

Not all wrapping paper is created equally! Some of it rips after being glued to the posterboard and folded! Very frustrating! If all goes well, I can make about 2 boxes in an hour.

Making a template seems like a good idea - just have to figure out the best way to do it - since the box needs to be scored inside before folding it. Right now, I have 3 different size boxes - but that will change - need to add at least one more size. And, the ones I have may get adjusted. Most of the ornaments that I have listed so far were done or started several years ago.

I'm working on new ones - if I can stay off the computer long enough to finish some of them they will be up soon.

These are 2 of my newer ones. The Fetish Bear ornament has 2 bears on it, and The Red Floral Ornament turned out quite nice and has these candy apple red floral swirls all over that I actually managed to freehand with the paint.
Oh yeah, they will all have gift tags too!
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Marie Antionette said...

I just love all your ornaments,Thet are just boxes are too,what a great idea.I love the bead ornament the most.a few years ago a friend of mine ,made me a bead drape for one of my old green ornaments.It still is one of my best Xmas tree ornaments.Hugs Marie Antionette

Aunt Jane said...

Wow! Beautiful blog. Your ornaments are awsome. I added your blog to my bloglist.

lisianblue said...

Oh yeah - I got 2 new visitors to my blog!
Thank you ladies.
and Thank you for the very nice comments.

Marie - love your angle trees.

And auntjane - your blog is looking so good - love the card from your painting.
Thank you for adding me to your bloglist.