Sunday, August 31, 2008


Well, I spent a lot of time the other night redoing my blog page - actually going in and editing the html. It seemed to work ok.

However, tonight when I was checking some things out and came back to my page - my whole monitor went black. ooops.
I was trying to not freak out.
I sort of thought "oh sh-- I just crashed my computer" managed to shut everything down, restarted it - and so far so good.

So then I went hunting for a new template - I had been checking out Melanies blog, and I liked the way hers was laid out so I just figured out which one she had, changed the colors and I guess I'll go with this one.

At least for a while!

I did get some pictures done today. 136 of them! Thank goodness for digital cameras! I even got all of them cropped and resized so they are all ready to list. Now if I could just get out of the forums, the blogs, flickr,............................................
The cap is one that I did at the beginning of summer. I have some more I made too - just haven't listed them yet. New shop for the caps or in my 2nd shop????????? or in my 1st shop? decisions, decisions, decisions.

Haven't really created much of anything new in a bit. Still haven't finished up the little gift cards I started the other night.
I keep getting caught in the web!
Melanie, I need some of those adorable little spiders you make to put on my web!!!! They are so cute. check them out people. - there is a link to see them in her announcements.

It's 2:58 am - I'm going to list a few items and then go to sleep.

Have a wonderful day everyone.

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